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Life Lately

Hey guys! It's been a while, so I thought I'd give an update on how things have been going.

Matt has been doing physical therapy three days a week with someone who comes to the house. He has good days and bad days, but overall, he has been progressing now that he's moving more. He's still not able to walk, but he did take a few steps with the walker with the therapist a couple of days last week, which is major progress. I know he still gets super frustrated with the things he can't do, but hopefully he'll continue to improve and keep his spirits up!

They actually recommended going to Frazier for in-patient rehab, so we plan on doing that starting Tuesday next week as long as we get insurance approval. He'll stay for a couple of weeks and get intense therapy multiple times a day, which they think will be extremely beneficial for him, moreso than what they can do with him here at the house.

He's still doing his Avastin infusions every other week, but his …