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Things to Focus on in The New Year

HAPPY FRIDAY and almost New Year's!
2016 wasn't a spectacular or special year in any way, really. No huge accomplishments or life changes or anything like that, but it was a good year! Celebrated 10 years of marriage, went on some fun trips, did a Crossfit competition, and got a deadlift PR, so can't complain. ;)

I don't have any crazy goals or anything for this coming year, but I've always like odd numbered years, so I think 2017 is going to be great!

While I don't really do resolutions, I'd thought I'd share a few things that I think we could all benefit from striving for this coming year:

Don't compare yourself or your life to others. Comparison only steals our joy. No matter how "perfect" someone may appear, every single person has their own perceived flaws and insecurities. They will always be there no matter how fit or in shape or lean you get. Instead, choose to be thankful and embrace who YOU are and what makes YOU unique and special…

Christmas Pics

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Christmas Eve we went to my mom's for dinner and presents.
This is what we got from Celeste when we asked her to smile for some photos.   But I did get a few good ones with her squinty eyed smile! Hey, I'll take it!
 And this one is adorable, too.
Christmas Day we went to another get together with my cousins.
These are just some of my cousins and their kids. There was a bit of family drama, so plans changed and not everyone all got together....but we still had a good time!  This was my Christmas dinner #2, not including all the oreo balls that were consumed! Without a single bit of guilt or "working it off" the next day, as always. My philosophy is always just relax and have fun, don't go tooooo overboard(but it's okay if you do), and then get back on track the next day. It works y'all.
As always, I'm in a bit of a funk the few days after Christmas, especially when dealing with family drama. But I've realized that p…

Workouts of the Week

My hip flexors have been acting up, and today it was just too painful to squat. I went with box squats instead, which were definitely better, but man, I forgot how hard they were! Then I did some single leg leg press instead of pause squats. I guess I gotta stay away from regular squats for a while until these hip flexors chill out.

1)Box squats: 135x3x8
2)Single leg leg press- 3x10
3)RDLs: 135x10/155x8/175x3x6
4)Reverse hypers: 90x15/110x12/130x2x12
5)Glute ham raises: 20x3x8
6a)Calf raises: 12/4x10
6b)Band standing abductions: 3x15
7)Planks w/leg lift/stir the pot planks: 2 sets each

I don't know what I'm doing with bench press anymore, I really don't know. 😖 This workout looks like a lot but it was actually a pretty quick one. Totally made this one up on the fly.

1)Bench press: 95x5/110x2x5/105x7
+Pullups 5x5 (fat bar)
2a)Incline bench: 95x3x5
2b)T-bar row: 65x7/6/7/6/6
3)Lateral raises:30 reps rest pause
4a)Cable pullthroughs: 5x12
4b)Band sea…

I Believe In Christmas

I don’t believe in Santa Or elves in the North Pole But I do believe in Christmas In a God who came to save my soul  🎄 I believe in a baby born in a manger The very Son of God above Who came to save the world from sin And show us all true love  🎄 I believe in angels singing “Glory to God on high!” Proclaiming Christ had come that day So that we wouldn’t have to die
 🎄 I believe in the love and grace of God Who would send His only Son To humble Himself and die for us, So that with Him we could be one  🎄 I believe in the hope of Jesus Christ That His love can set us free Because he came to Earth that day

Chasing The Wind

I've been following along with Jimmy Pena's devotionals over at PrayFit the past couple weeks- I'd highly suggest that you sign up for his devotionals. It's good stuff.

Right now we're reading through Ecclesiastes and basically comparing it to our fitness and the pursuit of the most "perfect", muscular, sculpted, strongest, fittest physique. This is what I take from it: just like anything in life, all of our training, our eating, our meal prepping, our worrying, and our striving is all meaninglessapart from God. Ultimately, if those things are taking God's place on the throne of our hearts, if we're not using our health to serve God and others, it's all pointless.

Eugene Peterson once wrote, "Everything we try is so promising at first! But nothing ever seems to amount to very much. We intensify our efforts, but the harder we work at it, the less we get out of it. Ecclesiastes is a famous - perhaps the most famous - witness to this experien…

Week Re-cap & Workouts

It's been busy the last few weeks, but I love it!

I had Mindy and Celeste and her family over for cookies last week, a choir reunion concert and my cousin's gender reveal party last weekend, and Celeste's pre-school Christmas concert Thursday.
This cookie decorating at my house is becoming an annual tradition! Celeste of course just likes to pile on the icing and allll the sprinkles. I love having my sister over, because for so long she wasn't a part of my life. I'm so happy to have her back.:) We always have so much fun together. Once again, I could hardly get a single picture of Celeste! I guess it's an age thing. I may just have to start bribing her with treats like I do with Asher, ha!
Last night we went out for my birthday dinner, and of course I chose Longhorn just so I could have this amazing dessert! It did not disappoint.

I didn't get a chance to post last week's workouts, but they were pretty similar to this week's, so you're not missi…

A Letter To My Niece

To the little girl who changed our world.

Dear Celeste,
You had my heart from the very first moment I heard yours beat.

I will forever remember the moment Mindy called me and told me she was pregnant. I will forever remember hearing your heart beat for the first time. I will forever remember being at the ultrasound when we found out you were a baby girl. I will forever remember the moment you entered the world and Dr. Watkins had me cut the umbilical cord.

From the moment you were born, I was in love. Absolutely head over heels. I couldn't get over how cute you were, even as a newborn! I had my camera ready that first day of your life, and I haven't stopped snapping pictures of you since. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I may have a bit of a problem when it comes to the picture taking, and I'm sure you are getting tired of the camera being in your face all the time. Over three years later, I still just can't get enough of your cuteness. I just can't.

You have …

Quote Of The Week

There is a ton of energy that goes into hating yourself and obsessing over food. Physical, mental, and emotional energy. It is draining and leaves you with little room for other amazing things in your life. Imagine if we freed up that space for you and other people. Imagine the things that could occur.

What are some things you could fill your time with if you spent less worrying about your thighs or how many calories are in your meal?? Imagine for yourself how much freedom you'd have, what would you do?? Now go do it. And find more pleasure in your life from doing things that drive you and excite you versus spending time draining yourself.  -Sarah Vance

Workouts & Training Thoughts

I changed up my split again this week. Started with lower body, then a short upper and glutes workout Wednesday, and then lower / upper. I liked this split and the workouts this week, so I may stick with this for a while. Until I change my mind again, ha!

I was happy about being able to do front squats Friday with no pain! Yay! I kept them light, but I'm hoping that I can slowly increase weight. If not, at least I can do them for higher reps. Bench felt weak this week, and I wasn't feeling my upper body workout Saturday. It was just one of those low energy days, and I was not motivated to push myself at all. I didn't sleep well the night before, so I'm assuming that's why. Dumbbell chest presses felt strong though. I've been able to consistently get 8 reps with the 50s lately, so that's a plus!

Another thing is, I don't do cleans or push presses consistently, but then I expect to be right back where I left off and get frustrated when I feel weaker. I me…