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Weekend Wrap-up and Workouts

🎃Happy Halloween!🎃
We had a great weekend, and I'm sad that it's over.

The weather was amazing, and we took full advantage of it! Saturday we took a ride in the Jeep to have pizza at one of our favorite places, Johnny Brusco's.
 It was such a nice day to sit outside, and the pizza was deeeelish. It's been way too long since I've had their pizza. 
The next day we went for a little hike at Broad Run park. It was another beautiful day.
Then we met up with my sister afterward at the playground so I could get my Celeste "fix". :)
Gosh, I wish the weather could stay like this all year! I wouldn't be mad at all. So anyways, on to the workouts. I started month 2 of Brandon Lilly's leg program last week. It's definitely hard, but I like it. I am having some tightness issues with my glutes and lower back, which I'm thinking could be from doing sumo deadlifts. So I may try conventional or trap bar deadlifts for a while and see if that helps.

Deload Week

I started getting a cold last weekend that lasted into the first half of week, but it was actually perfect timing because I was thinking about taking a deload week anyways before transitioning into month 2 of the leg program I'm following.

Also perfect timing was the weather-it was absolutely gorgeous and SO warm the first few days of the week! Gotta love 85 degrees in October. I just had to take my workouts outside to take advantage of it...because I know we may not have many more days like this left. I didn't feel too bad, but definitely didn't have much strength or endurance, so I kept the weights light or just did bodyweight exercises.

By Friday I felt pretty good so I decided to finish the week in the gym, but I still kept the weights pretty light(ish).

MONDAY 1a)Pushups 12/12/3x10 1b)Chinups 9/9/8/8/8 2a)Reverse sled drag 6x25ish seconds 2b)Band pull-aparts: 5x15 3a)Farmer's walks 3x45 seconds 3b)Band walks 3x12-15 4a)Single leg glute bridge foot elevated 3x12

Road Trip!

This past weekend, the hubby and I went on a little road trip for a wedding of a friend of his in Tennessee. The wedding was about 5 hours away, so we decided we'd make it a weekend trip and make a stop in Corbin, Kentucky to go see Cumberland Falls, since I've been wanting to go there for a while. 
I am always up for a road trip, so I was super excited. It ended up being an awesome weekend for a trip! Warm weather, sunshine, and no rain. Absolutely perfect. 
The drive to Corbin was about 2 and a half hours, and the plan was to get there and do some hiking at Cumberland Falls, stay at a hotel for the night, and then drive the last half of the trip the next morning to Cleveland, Tennessee. 

Like I said, it was an absolutely gorgeous day to explore the falls. It was so beautiful there.

There was a trail that took you to a really cool spot where you could climb up on all these big rocks to see an awesome view of the falls. I had so much fun climbing the rocks! I was so in my elem…

Workouts of the Week

Happy Monday! 

We got back late last night from a road trip to Tennessee for a wedding, so I'm just now getting the workouts up. I slept til 9:30 this morning, but I really needed it after a weekend of hiking and travelling for hours. Looking forward to some relaxation tonight when I get home from work!

1)Barbell hang power snatch: 85x3x3
2)OH barbell press: 85x3x3/75x7
3a)T-bar rows: 8/8/9/12
3b)Pushups: 4x10
4a)Face pulls: 4x12
4b)Ab wheel rollouts: 2x12/2x8 (first set on knees, last 2 negatives)
5a)Sled drags 6x20-25 seconds
5b)Band walks 4x15
6)Band glute bridge 1x50

I was able to get 10 reps with 165 today! I know to some that's nothing, but for me, 10 reps is torture, and 165 is heavy for me to do for that many reps.

1)Squats: 165x10/9/9
2)Deficit deadlifts: 165x12x1 20 second rest
3)Walking dumbbell lunges: 3x15
4)Leg press: 4x15
5)Leg curls: rest pause set to 100
6)Calf raises: 3x10/1x15
7a)Feet elevated band glute bridge: 3x20
7b)Seated abdu…

5 Reasons Why Abs Are Overrated

Oh, 6 pack abs...the desire of every man and woman in the fitness world. All  you have to do is scroll through Instagram fitness accounts to see that it is inundated with ab selfies. And usually, the better abs, the more followers, and the more people who idolize and worship you.

But are 6 pack abs really all they're cracked up to be? I think not.

There was a time when all I wanted was to get 6 packs abs, but when I realized the cost...for me, it just wasn't worth it. For myself and most(not all) women, having visible abs requires an unhealthy and unsustainable body fat percentage. Yes, they look cool and are the result of extreme dedication and hard work, but as someone who has been leaner with more visible abs, I can say that for me, they are overrated.

Here's why:

1. They have nothing to do with health.
Having 6 pack abs can actually be detrimental to your health. Being at an extremely low body fat percentage for an extended amount of time can have many damaging side effe…

Workouts of the Week

Another boring weekend in the Cappotelli household. My hubby has been sick, so he just wanted to lay around all weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend, with sunny skies and 70 degrees. It's supposed to be like that all week! Yay for Fall!

So for this weekend's treat meal, I made pulled chicken and tater tots, and we had peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm usually not big on cookies, but for some reason this week, they sounded really good to me, so that's what we had!

Pulled chicken is one of our favorite meals to make at home. I just throw some chicken thighs in the crockpot with barbecue sauce-so easy. And my hubby LOVES these Alexia tater tots. They're seasoned with roasted garlic and cracked black pepper, and they are sooo good.

I was totally lazy and just went to the store and bought pre-made cookie dough. I usually love baking stuff from scratch, but I didn't have the ingredients on hand.
On to this week's workouts! This leg program is sti…

Pumpkin Patch Pics!

October is here! Such a great month here in Kentucky because finally you can BREATHE when you walk outside.
Every year on the first weekend of October, my family goes to the pumpkin patch at  a local orchard/winery, and it's always a good time.
Of course, I have to take alll the pictures of Celeste. I just can't take her cuteness, and her little crinkly nose when she smiles!

Here's me with a few of my cousins.
Celeste just loved being up on that tractor!
My adorable little cousins at the pumpkin patch!
My sister with her boyfriend and his kids on the wagon

Wagon ride selfies!

And of course, I got my pumpkin donuts! They make them fresh right there on the spot, and they are sooo warm and delicious.
We all went out to dinner afterwards, and I had this amazing chicken, bacon, and cheese sandwich, which I inhaled. 
Welp, that's all folks!

Workouts & What I've Been Eating

I need to switch up my upper training or something, because upper body is getting to be sooo boring. I may just start training legs every day. Haha. Not.

1)Cleans: 95x3/115x3/125x3/125x3
2)Press: 65x5/75x5/80x5/80x5/70x8
3a)T-bar row: 65x7/65x7/55x8/55x8
3b)Pushups: 3x12
4a)Band walks: 4x15
4b)Cable pullthroughs: 4x15
5a)Farmer's walks w/ KBs: 70x4x35 seconds
5b)Band feet elevated glute bridge: 3x25
6)Reverse crunch: 12/12/12/10

Upped squat weight from last week. Kept a rep or two in the tank, so I can try to increase reps next week. Didn't increase weight on anything else, because I still was dying this week after the lunges. I'm such a wimp! Right now I'm loving the band glute bridges/hip thrusts for high reps because I feel them in my glutes SO much. I've been doing them at the end of my workouts 2-3 times a week.
1)Squats: 165x3x7 1 minute rest
2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 12x1 20 second rest
3)Short stride walking l…