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Bikini Body Plan

For my upcoming beach trip, I decided to stop lifting heavy and train with light weights and high reps just to tone up a little more. I also added in a few extra days of cardio.

Juuuust kidding.

The truth is, I haven't changed my training in any way. I'm still lifting heavy on the main lifts(squats, bench, deadlift) in the lower rep range.

As for cardio, I walk a couple of times a week, I have one day of farmer's walks and one day of prowler pushes or sled drags after lifting. That's what I've been doing for years now-it works for me, and I enjoy it. I didn't do any "extra" ab work besides the 2-3 exercises I do each week at the end of my workouts.

The point is, lift heavy. Even if you are trying to lose fat, tone up, whatever-lift heavy. The concept that  you should use high reps and low weight to lose fat is nonsense. Lifting heavy burns a ton of calories and helps you build muscle, over time resulting in lower body fat and a tighter physique(in c…

Quote of the Week

The main goal of your TRAINING program should NOT be to "burn off fat."
That's what dialing in your nutrition, your sleep, and your stress levels are for.
Your training program should be designed to help you get stronger, gain muscle mass, improve bone density, improve your posture and alignment, and improve your hormone profile.

(Oh, and have fun! That's kinda important!) -Molly Galbraith

Workouts & A Rant

I hate when people make comments about my genetics-especially when they're basically implying that my "good genetics" is the reason I can eat the way I can or why I look the way I do.

Okay, I get it. Yes, of course genetics play a role.... But lifting weights for over 15 years I guess has nothing to do with it? Or the fact that I'm very meticulous about what and how much I eat?

I guess I just feel like when people say something about my genetics, it negates all the hard work I've put in to look the way I do. Yes, my genetics have given me a thin frame and a fast metabolism. So maybe because of that I can eat a little more than the average person and still stay lean. I can get by with having a few more treats here and there and not tracking every single thing I put into my mouth.

But you know what else my genetics gave me? A pancake butt and scrawny legs. Narrow hips and no boobs. A "soft" midsection that makes it really hard for me to see my abs, even…

Bible Study Method I'm Loving

I know sometimes it's hard to know how to read the Bible-should we read it straight through from beginning to end, or maybe just open it up and read wherever it opened up to? There really is no right or wrong way to read the bible, just as long as you are reading it! But I know that for me, sometimes I get stuck in a rut, and I'm like, "Ok, I've read it all the way through-what now?

Well, for the past few months I've been using a bible study method that I found on Pinterest called "Overflowing" that I'm really liking, so I thought I'd share it with you guys!

What I've usually done in the past is just read through the whole Bible and then maybe re-read the new testament again or just read through the gospels or the psalms. I also have a morning devotional that I read and devotionals on my bible app that might focus on a certain topic with different scriptures from throughout the Bible .

But I've found that I really enjoy studying individua…

Workouts Of The Week


I had a feeling bench would be good this week since I kept the weight light last week, and I was right. I think the burgers and ice cream I had the day before helped, too. ;) I worked up to 2 sets of 4 with 120(bodyweight), then a set of 6 with 115 which I think is a rep PR! Pullups also felt strong -I was able to get 3 sets of 5 with a 30lb dumbbell. I took it easy again on hip thrusts this week with high reps, then did Bulgarian split squats and band walks after those. I think I may take a break from hip thrusts next week and replace them with kettle bell swings. Split squats weren't horrible, but definitely not easy! Then  it was farmer's walks, pullaparts, and abs to finish, as always.

1)Bench: 95x3/105x3/115x3/120x4/120x4/115x6
2)Neutral grip pullups: 25x6/30x3x5/0x5(wide grip)
3)Hip thrusts: 155x12/175x3x12
4a)Bulgarian split squats: 20x10/25x10/30x10
4b)Band walks: 3x12
5a)Farmers walks 3x30 seconds w/65s
5b)Pullaparts: 25/20/15/15
6)Dragonfly 2x8/rever…

Friday Faves!

Happy Friday!! 
The weather has been amazing lately. I think Spring is finally here to stay!  I've been loving being able to sit outside and read. 
I just finished this book and really liked it!
Last weekend I was able to do my sled drags outside for the first time this year! I just love doing my workouts outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
We also had our first ride in the Jeep with the top and doors off last weekend. This is what we've been waiting for!

My first mixer of the year!  I had been craving one for a while, so it definitely hit the spot-every single bite was heaven. I always get chocolate ice cream with double reese cups and peanut butter sauce.  A million calories of awesomeness right here.

I've been enjoying a few new treats lately... Like my bedtime protein sludge snack-I so look forward to this meal! All I do is mix a scoop of Micellar whey with peanut butter and cashew milk to make a pudding consistency and then put it in the fridge for a couple of hour…

Quote of the Week

"It is always amazing to me when I hear someone say that they want to compete, develop a competitor type physique, or do a fitness challenge, but they dislike training.

They dislike sweat. They dislike pushing themselves. The dislike being sore.
Yet, they want to look like they do.

They put on the outfits, get the attire, buy the programs, but continue to look for an easier way to achieve a physique that they do not want to earn.

They want a quick fix, something that offers instant gratification, and if they can not get it quick enough, they move onto the next plan that will work.

Program hopping, changing, and blaming. The program was not personalized enough. The program was not hard enough. The program made me get too big/small. The program is too time consuming. The program....

If I was to say what ONE thing sets people apart in their successful fitness journey, it is in how hard they work in the gym and how much consistency they maintain.

This is not about quantifying time, it is about qua…

Workouts Of The Week

Monday Full Body
Bench felt strong this week. I decided to just to straight sets with 105 for 4 x 6.  They felt good and smooth. For pullups I wanted to do a few more reps, so I didn't go as heavy this week. Hip thrusts just felt okay so I stuck with 185 for 3 sets of 10. Then I did some walking lunges instead of bulgarian split squats for sets of 12. Just didn't feel like doing split squats. :/ After that I just finished with abs and pull-aparts, then a few sets of 1 arm overhead carries. Not sure if I'll continue with this 3 times per week leg thing, as I'm feeling a little beat up lately!

1)Bench press: 105x4x6 2)Pullups(neutral grip): 25x2x6/20x2x5/0x6 (wide grip) 3)Hip thrusts: 135x12/155x10/185x3x10 4a)Band walks: 3x12 4b)Goblet squats: 50x12/Walking lunges: 25sx12(each leg)/
1 arm overhead walking lunge: 25 x 14(each leg) 5a)Pullaparts: 25/20/25 5b)Dragonfly: 2x8/Reverse crunch: 2x15 Overhead carries: 40/45/45lbs x 30ish seconds

Wednesday Lower Body
My hip flexor…

My Healthy Eating Journey

Something you may not know: I didn't always eat healthy! Just like most of the general American population, I loved junk food and lived on a steady diet of candy, sweets, chips, ramen noodles, and fast food until I was about 18.

I didn't wake up one day and decide, "I'm going to eat  healthy from here on out!" No, getting to where I am now with my nutrition has been a LONG process. It wasn't easy giving up some of the things I loved, but what made it easier was that I did it little by little over a period of YEARS until I got to the point where eating healthy just became a part of my life. It wasn't about losing weight or having 6 pack abs- it began with a decision to simply start caring about my health.

Even though is hasn't always been easy, I enjoy the way that I eat now knowing that I'm healthy and that I'm giving my body the nutrients it needs. And the physical results that came from changing my nutrition habits over the years aren't …

Easter Fun At The Park!

For Easter this year we met up at the park for a cookout with my mom, brother and sister. Thankfully it was a nice day!  
Of course, I had to make some yummy desserts, like these cupcakes... and brownies! And yes, I enjoyed a few. ;)

I was so happy to see Celeste and get some cute pics! Here is her with Uncle Jesse.
And cheesin' big with Mommy. I adore this pic!
Another great shot of her and Jesse!
She just loved walking through the creek in her little boots.

The most adorable little girl in the world! :)  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Workouts and My Fave PWO Treats!

I thought I'd do something a little different and share with you all what I had for my post workout meals along with my workouts this week. Having a couple of post workout treats each week is one thing that helps me not feel deprived of any foods I love and keeps my cravings for "bad" foods at bay. I am so happy that I have found a way to incorporate cereal into my life again! :)
Bench this week felt a lot stronger than last week. I was able to even get 5 reps on my last set with 115. Felt like I was getting a much better leg drive. I did change my foot placement, so maybe that helped. Heavy pullups were next, and I was able to get 4 reps on all 3 sets with 35lbs. I think I could get 5, but I try to stay away from failure.
Then it was on to hip thrusts! Worked up to 215x8 and then 185 for 12. I HATE that last set of hip thrusts, but I gotta try to add some reps to it! Then this week I decided to do Bulgarian split squats instead of reverse lunges. I did …

The Cross

Let us remember today what was done for us on the cross. Let us praise and thank Jesus for his love for us that He would willingly take our place and die for us so that we could have LIFE!
On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, The emblem of suff’ring and shame; And I love that old cross where the Dearest and Best For a world of lost sinners was slain. So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross, Till my trophies at last I lay down; I will cling to the old rugged cross, And exchange it someday for a crown. Oh, that old rugged cross, so despised by the world, Has a wondrous attraction for me; For the dear Lamb of God left His glory above To bear it to dark Calvary. In that old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine, A wondrous beauty I see, For ’twas on that old cross Jesus suffered and died, To pardon and sanctify me. To the old rugged cross I will ever be true; Its shame and reproach gladly bear; Then He’ll call me someday to my home far away, Where His glory forever I’ll share.
"He himself bore…