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Team Capp

I started a TeamCapp group on Facebook, just for people to post things to Matt and share memories, prayers, encouragement, whatever. Well, never would I have imagined the response it has gotten! It now has over 1500 members, and daily people write things about Matt and the impact he has had on their lives and about how he's one of, if not THE best, people they know.

Now, I know he's amazing. That's why I married him, and I have thanked God for him ever since day since we got married in 2006. But man, I am just even more appreciative and feel SO incredibly blessed to have been the one that he chose to spend his life with. Matt truly is something special.And a big part of that is because of how he was raised-by two Christ-like parents, and also because of his own faith and Jesus in him.

I've been reading all the messages to Matt. He smiles, laughs, and sometimes gets emotional. I know it touches his heart and that it makes him feel good knowing that he has impacted so ma…

Putting My Heart Out There

Hey guys.

Here's where we're at right now: Matt finished his radiation treatments last week. Did they help? I don't know. He's sleeping a lot more. Having trouble chewing and swallowing. Not eating much. Not talking much, at least not in full sentences. It's just been a slow, steady decline for the last few months. I think it was really too late for radiation....But who knows, maybe it is delaying things.

We went in last Tuesday for his infusion and talked with his neuro-oncologist about everything that we've been seeing with Matt, and he decided that we're at the point now where we should discontinue treatments...I feel like it's the right decision, even though it breaks my heart knowing that there is nothing else we can do. But I feel like we've done everything. All the supplements, the diet, the chemo, the radiation...
Matt has fought hard. He never gave up hope. He kept the faith. He never complained through any of this. Not once did I hear him …