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Mom Update

"Miracle Mom" update: she is walking now!  How amazing is that?  Only a month from being out of the hospital, and look how far she has come! A month ago she could barely do anything for herself, and now she's able to use the walker! :)

Are YOU Fully Committed?

So I was in the gym yesterday, you know, having one of my “puny, I'm-too-skinny” days.As I look at myself in the mirror, I’m thinking, “Gosh, I look small today. I wish I could get bigger.Maybe I should eat more. I need to gain about 5 pounds. Okay, I’m really gonna start eating more.” (I know, great positive self talk, right?)

But…I just can’t seem to follow through.I want to gain muscle, yes, BUT…the fear of having a fat stomach (which is where all of the fat that I gain WILL go) holds me back.Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not someone who keeps my calories super low and restricts my carbs or anything-at ALL. I eat enough to maintain where I am, I eat enough to feel satisfied, but when it comes down to it, I’m NOT eating enough if I am serious about putting on more muscle. The thing is, I’ll maybe eat a lot for a day or two, or maybe even a couple of weeks, but then I start to feel fat and think I’m eating TOO much, and I start cutting back.
So really… I must not want it bad enough…

I ♥ Weekend Treats :)

Welp, good ol' Monday is here again! Don't the weekends go by way too fast?? My weekend consisted of the pretty much the usual....popcorn and movie night Friday, workout Saturday morning, cheat meal, and church-that bascially sums it up! It was a little chilly here in KY, but the sun was shining, which makes ALL the difference! Spring is right around the corner, I just have to keep telling myself that! I am warning you, the "treat" I had for the week will make your mouth may want to look away! Um, case you are wondering, those are cookies and kreme donuts made with Oreos from Krispy Kreme! My favorite one was the cream filled. We may just have to make a repeat visit this weekend, I'm just sayin'. ;) I'm excited for today's upper body strength workout. It's the last week of month 2 of my training program, and I get to test my 4 RMs! It should be interesting since I just "started", and I'm always a little weaker …

Fall In Love :)

Fall in love.... with the feel of the weights in your hands....
with the endorphin rush... with getting stronger every day.....
with being healthy and fit.... with nourishing and caring for your body.... with the pride of achieving a new goal... with the confidence and mental strength you've gained... with becoming a better YOU every day!

How I'm Getting Bikini Ready!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get lean! Isn’t that what everyone is going to be striving for in the next few months? Well, here is what I will be doing to get bikini ready:  

*Lift heavy 3-4 times per week
*Eat clean consistently
*One treat meal per week
*Walk a few times a week

Okay, okay...I kind of  tricked'sthe same exact thing I’ve been doing.Sorry to burst your bubbles. ;)

You see, my goal is to be bikini ready all year round! I train hard and eat clean consistently so that I DON’T have to go on a strict “diet” to get ready for summer.For me, winter is not an excuse to eat like crap and let myself gain 20lbs or skimp on my workouts just because I’m not going to be seen in a bikini or up on a competition stage.
I get the concept, but I've never been a fan of the whole "bulking/cutting" thing, especially when there are huge weight fluctuations. I do, however, think there are times to be strict with your diet and then times to just relax an…

Monday Motivation-Fit Bodies Are MADE!

Fit bodies don't just happen....
They are made.
Not by wishing.... Not by hoping.... But by working for it... Day in and day out. So you make the choice... How bad do really you want it?
Don't just wish for it...
Become it!

Just Reminiscing...

Random thought of the day:

For some reason, I started thinking about my childhood and how much I miss the "country"....and by country, I mean the 5 acres I grew up on, being surrounded by woods and not by neighbors on every side, no grocery stores or restaurants right across the street.... IF I ever have kids, it makes me sad to think that they may not have the childhood that I had.

Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t go to the beach or to Disney World for vacation. I didn’t have a cell phone, a computer, an Ipod, or a TV in my room...but I truly had the BEST childhood ever. With 5 acres of land, we were NEVER indoors if the weather was nice. Our days consisted of climbing trees, riding bikes, swimming in a cow trough, playing in the woods behind our house, running around barefoot, walking in the creek in our front yard.... I would give anything to go back to those carefree days! Some of the best times of my life.
Come to think of it, I can only think of a cou…

Friday Ramblings

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day with my love yesterday...just like every other day! :)

We didn't make a huge deal of it, just the typical cards and chocolate. He got a Reese's heart and I got just what I asked for-a box of yummy chocolates! I had 2 pieces last night after dinner, but I'm saving the rest for our treat meal Saturday when I can eat as much as I want. Until then....I will have to resist. ;)
I made dinner for us last night-nothing fancy, but for us to sit down and eat at the table together is special in itself! And having a dinner that's not just reheated in the microwave out of tupperware. We're so fancy.
Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! Have a great weekend! :) Check out my workouts for the week:

The Story Of US

The Story Of "Us"...
1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
We've been together since October of 2003, so over 9 years!

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?} We met after one of my husband's wrestling shows. I knew who he was from Tough Enough(the MTV reality show he had won)and had been watching him wrestle for the few weeks that I had been going to the shows with my friend. 

I came to learn that he was a Christian and was like, "Oh my gosh, I have to meet this guy!" My friend (unbeknownst to me) went up to him after one of the shows like the crazy fan he was and showed Matt a picture of me he and pointed me out in the parking lot. 
Sooo... the next thing I know, Matt is yelling, "Lindsay!" across the parking lot, and I'm doing my best to pretend I didn't hear him because I was SO embarrassed! Well, much to my mortification, he walked right up over to me and introduced himself and shook my hand. …

Words of Wisdom From Pauline

Most everyone in the fitness world knows the infamous Pauline Nordin. One of the reasons I love her is that she knows her stuff and is not afraid to tell it like it is! Here I've put together a collection of quotes from her Fighter Diet facebook page: "The trick to an amazing physique is not doing everything right for a day. It's doing everything right day after day after day after day."
"To achieve a great physique you cannot train, train and under eat. Under eating is catabolic for both fat cells and muscle cells, so when you go on a too low calorie diet while hitting it hard your stamina will suffer, your muscles will not grow. The key is to let it take time. You need to fuel your workouts but not over fuel which leads to fat gain. The more your muscles grow the leaner you'll become when you're following a leaning out diet plan, but not extremely low. You do not speed up the process by cutting too low and you cannot expect muscle gain by over doing car…

Friday Ramblings

Hi! Is everyone happy it's FRIDAY?? I am! :)

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Kentucky-60 degrees and sunny! Oh, how I miss the sun on my skin. I cannot wait for Spring to get here, I can hardly stand it!

So I went to Target and some other places the other day to shop for real(i.e. non-gym) clothes...and ended up with two workout tanks, of course! I mean who needs "real" clothes anyway?;-) Seriously, though, I feel absolutely lost in a clothing store and just have no sense of fashion I always end up where I'm comfortable-fitness clothes! I need help.

And of course, the bathing suits were out!!  If I didn't care so much about spending money I'd buy every cute bikini I saw! Some women can't pass up a cute pair of shoes or a handbag...for me, it's bikinis!

Well, anyway, today's workout was upper body:

1a)Suspended pushups 5x8
1b)1 arm DB row: 5x8 w/55lbs

2a)Eccentric only handstand pushups(8 seconds lowering phase) …


"Wealth is not an absolute need; instead it is relative to desires. When we covet things we can't afford, we grow poorer regardless of our incomes. Conversely, when we're satisfied with what we have, we are truly wealthy."           - David Chilton

Pizza & This Month's Training Plan

This was me yesterday:  I mean, it's not the Super Bowl without pizza right? And this is today:
Gettin' my veggies in with a post workout green smoothie! Nope, no fruit loops today. ;-) Here is this month's training plan:
1) 1 Arm Dumbbell Snatch
2a) Push Press
2b) Parallel Grip Pullup
3a) Close Grip Low Incline Press
3b) Front Lever Hold
4) Handstand Hold

1) Standing Broad Jump
2) Squat
3) Deadlift
4a) Dumbbell Lunge
4b) L-Sit Hold
5)Machine Calf Raise

1a) 1 Arm Dumbbell Row
1b) Standing Cable Press
2a) Eccentric Handstand Pushup
2b) Front Lever Hold
3a) EZ Bar Curl
3b) Power Wheel Rollout

1) DB High Pull
2a) Heavy Sled Push
2b)TRX Pike
3) 1 Arm KB Swing
4) Farmer's Walk It's not much different than last month. A few exercise swaps and the reps are lower on the strength and power day(sets of 4 now). I am still loving the program and can really tell that I'm getting stronger from the gymnastics exercises! Alth…

Fun In The Snow!

I am so OVER the winter. I'm ready for sunshine and hot weather! BUT I have to admit that I'm a little kid when it comes to the snow. :)

30 Random Facts About Me....

That you probably don't care to know...but now you do. :)

*I never leave the house without makeup on. Ever.

*I don't like hugging people(besides my husband)! It’s just weird to me, and I don't like it.
*I get a random burst of energy every night around 10:00-it never fails. I might  just break out into some breakdancing moves, or do some handstands- ya just never know!
*I love trees-they just fascinate me. Sycamores are my favorite.
*Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!
*I have to read something when I eat, it doesn’t matter what it is.
*I HATE shopping! I think the mall is my least favorite place in the whole world.
*One of my favorite treats is Krispy Kreme donuts!!!

*I prefer being barefoot. I  just love the feel of grass underneath my feet. :)
*I’m a list maker. I make lists of EV-ER-Y-thing.
*I’m addicted to chapstick.

*If I could, I'd totally live off of cereal and peanut butter-all day every day.
*For some reason, I have to chew gum when I workout. And it has to be fr…