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Striving For Perfection

This is a good article written by Krista Dixon that I can really relate to.

Ever since I decided a few months ago to go on this "quest" to get a 6 pack(which I'm not really aiming for anymore), I feel like my food and workouts are starting to consume my mind! I used to not think about what I ate so I am constantly thinking about what I'm going to eat for the day, what and when my next meal is going to be, how many carbs/protein/fats I'm getting, etc.

I don't know if this is normal for people who are really into fitness and weightlifting, or if it's starting to become a little obsessive. I mean, I eat like I'm going to do a fitness competition or something, and sometimes I think to myself, "why am I doing this?"

Yes, I want to be healthy-that's my first priority-but I also want to be just a little bit leaner, I want my muscles to pop out just a little bit more, I want to s…

4 More Days

Ugghhh...I hate Mondays! I'm soooo tired because I had to get up at 5 a.m. to train a client, and I won't be able to get my nap in today. 5 is just way too early to be getting up!

BUT I am super excited to be leaving for New York this Friday! I love love love going on trips, and I'm really looking forward to going to the city. I know it's going to be a great experience. Although, I have to say that I'm a little intimidated-it's definitely going to be a culture shock for me! I am definitely NOT a city girl.
Anyway, it was a hot HOT weekend. We took Asher to play in a creek by my mom's house over the weekend, and he had so much fun! He loves the water. Here are some pics:

Holiday World and Other Stuff

Over the weekend Matt and I went to Holiday World in Indiana with my sister and her boyfriend. I love amusement parks! We had a lot of fun riding all the rollercoasters-I could ride them all day! But this morning I couldn't believe how sore my back is, I guess from all the jerking around on those coasters. They were pretty rough.

I didn't really have a cheat meal this week. We brought sandwiches, yogurt and fruit in a cooler for lunch at Holiday World. BUT I did have a lot of Sun Chips(those things are addicting-you just can't stop eating them!), AND a protein bar, which I never have because they're usually full of crap and not that great for you. But it was a good replacement for a really BAD cheat meal. I also had a couple of diet pepsis because they give them out free at the park! I'm thinking this week's "semi" cheat meal will be tacos-yummy!Well, today was supposed to be a workout day, but I'm just going to let my body rest. My back really hur…

Eat Your Veggies

I am so proud of myself! For the longest time, it has been my goal to try to eat more vegetables. It was really hard for me at first because I really don't like many vegetables. So I would choke down broccoli a few times a week or maybe have a sweet potato every now and then, but now I've been consistently getting 3-4 veggies a DAY! That's coming from someone who ate veggies maybe once or twice a WEEK.

I have found that it's a lot easier than I thought, and I'm actually starting to like vegetables! I never though that would happen! I've been having a romaine lettuce salad every evening with my dinner, then I'll also have some steamed broccoli or cauliflower with that. I usually have a tomato or 1/2 a tomato every day and also baby carrots. I have a sweet potato probably twice a week. I'm so glad to finally be eating more veggies-I just feel so healthy eating them!

I think what really helped was cutting back on the grains, because I had to have something t…


Yesterday Matt and I went to Derby Dinner Playhouse to see 'Cinderella' with my cousin and her boyfriend, and my friend and her husband.

The play was really really good, and we had lots of fun! I love it there. The atmosphere is just really cool because the stage is in the middle, with tables all around it.

And the food was soo good! I had fried fish, mac and cheese, green beans, and then a peanut butter brownie for dessert! It was like the best thing ever.

Well, our New York trip is now only 3 weeks away!!! I can't believe how fast it has gotten here! I'm so excited.

I hope the weather is hot there-the past couple times I've been to NY it's been in the 60 and 70s in the middle of summer! I'm hoping for some pool time, so it better not be cold!

We're driving up there this time since we're taking our dog with us, so that's the only thing I'm not looking forward to. I'd much rather fly! It takes about 10 hours to get there, and I'm just ho…

Leg Day

I absolutely dread training legs. Most workouts I look forward to hitting the weights, but not at all when it comes to legs! It's just so freakin' hard and takes EVERYthing out of you!

So today was leg day....I wasn't looking forward to it, as usual. But I had to get my mind prepared because that is everything. If your mind is ready, your body will follow.

Before I hit the gym it was, "I got this. I'm strong; I'm powerful." Same thing before my first set of split squats: "Come on, you can do this!" Before squats, "Strong legs, easy weight, I got this, this is nothin." This really helps me to get through each set. If I went in there with the attitude of, "I don't feel like doing this, this weight is so heavy, etc", I would not have a very good workout.

So I got through it, and I'm sure glad it's over with. You know you got a good leg workout when you have to pause for a second at the top of a flight of stairs just to…

Do You Have What it Takes?

So many people want to get in shape, lose weight, tone up, etc....BUT most people don't want to put in the work that it takes to get there! I hate when people complain about things but don't do anything about it! If you're satisfied with how you are, that's fine, but if NOT-then stop complaining and do something to change it!! It's in your control!

What most people don't know is that it takes years of freakin' heavy weights to really get muscles that show. It's not something you can do in a few months. It's actually really hard to build the amount of muscle it takes to be lean and defined. Even if you do have the muscle, then it also takes cardio with max intensity as well as consistent, clean eating to get the fat off so those muscles will show! It's not an easy thing.

It's taken me years to get these little biceps to grow, years to get some shape to these little chicken legs, years to get my shoulders to pop just a little...and I'm STIL…

Pullup Challenge

So my score for the 3 minute pullup challange was 20. It was much harder than I thought it would be-those 3 minutes flew by!

I usually do around 15-20 pullups in a normal back workout, but the things is, I rest 1-2 minutes between sets. So it takes me much longer than 3 minutes to get to 20 reps. I usually do sets of 4-6, then rest for a minute or 2, and do about 3 or 4 sets.

For the challenge, I did 3 pullups at a time, with about a 20 second rest in between. Then I squeezed out 2 more pullups on the last set to get to 20. I did REAL pullups-palms facing out, no swing, full range of motion. The last few sets weren't perfect form, but close enough! It was tough, but fun to try something different!

4th of July and Pullup Challenge

Well, we had a break from the heat and humidity last week, but it is back again full force! According to, it's supposed to be 99 degrees today!! Wow. I guess we won't be having a cool summer like we did last year!

Anyway, over the4th of July weekend, my husband and I went to a Bats baseball game and then watched the fireworks at the waterfront after the game. We watched them on top of the jeep, so we could make a quick getaway and avoid traffic! So that was pretty fun.
We went out for pizza at Spinelli's before the game. We've been looking for a good NY style pizza place here in Louisville since the one my husband loved closed down a couple of years ago. This one was a success! VERY good! :) Then I had a caramel apple for dessert at the waterfront. I just love caramel apples, so I couldn't resist!
Well, today is back and bicep day at the gym-my favorite muscles to train. Today I am going to start my workout with a 3 minute pullup challenge, which I got fr…