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To The Next Man Who Loves Me

Just some thoughts for the next man who loves me....

It will take a very special and strong, confident, patient, and understanding person to be with me.

I know it may be strange, loving someone who also loves another man...and always will love another man. But that's the way it has to be, and you have to accept it.

A part of my heart will always ache for and miss my husband. But that doesn't mean that I can't love you, too. You have to be confident in that. Still loving him doesn't mean that I can't love you.

I will have times when I get emotional or when a grief waves hit me, and I need you to be there for me through it, not get scared or pull away. That's when I need to you to listen and let me cry it out, not try to "fix" me or make it go away. Just hold me and let me feel what I feel.

Things will remind me of him, at random times, and I might space out or get "weird" out of the blue. That's when I need you to just take my hand and wa…