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What I Ate & Workout Wednesday

(Upper body)

1)Strict barbell press:65x5-75x4-75x4-65x6(felt weak on these today!)/
1 set of handstandpushups x6

2a)Pullups: 8(neutral)-7(overhand)-6(overhand)-9(underhand)
2b)DB incline chest press: 45x8-7-7-40x8

3a)DB push press: 30x9-10-10
3b)DB seated incline curl: 20x10-10-10

4a)Dips: 12-12
4b)Band pullaparts: 20-20-20

What I Ate:
8:00 1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop Syntha-6, 1 tbsp peanut butter

10:30 Post workout: Banana pudding, whey protein shake with skim milk

11:30 Lean beef burger on lettuce bun w/ketchup, sweet potato fries w/ketchup, 1/2 orange

2:45 Ground turkey w/taco seasoning and salsa, 2 orange slices, rice cake

6:30 1 cup cauliflower, 2 whole eggs, 2 whites scrambled with mozzarella cheese

10:00 Whey protein shake, 2 tbsp peanut butter

My Favorite Post Workout Protein Shakes

Banana pudding shake: Ice cubes 1/2 cup-1 cup almond milk 1 scoop vanilla whey 1/2 banana 1 tbsp banana instant pudding mix

Orange Creamsicle:
Ice cubes
Almond milk
1-2 tbsp orange Gatoroade powder
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
Peanut butter banana shake: Ice cubes Almond milk 1 scoop vanilla whey 1 tbsp banana instant pudding mix 1 tbsp pb2(or natural peanut butter) Tropical fruit shake: Ice cubes Almond milk 1 scoop vanilla whey 1/2 banana 1/2 cup frozen pineapple or mango chunks Chocolate peanut butter shake: Ice cubes Almond milk 1 scoop chocolate whey 1 tbsp cocoa 1 tbsp peanut butter 1-2 packets Truvia(optional) What's your favorite protein shake recipe? I'd love to hear it!

Back to a Plan

I've enjoyed the last month or so of not really following a workout plan and just kind of making it up week to week....But I do feel like I do better and have more fun with my training when I am following a plan and feel like I have a purpose, rather than just "winging it".

I like having a workout plan written out and sticking to it for 4-6 weeks, trying to get stronger on the exercises I've chosen week to week, and then switching up the exercises. It's easier for me to see if I'm progressing and getting stronger at a certain lift if I'm doing the same thing week to week rather than switching things up so often.

So... I'm going to go back to logging my workouts for a while and focusing on the heavy lifts(squat, dead, military press, bench press) and maybe get back into a powerlifting type program again. I can't help it, I just love the heavy weights more than anything else! It's good to take a break from it sometimes, but now I'm ready to…



WOD Of The Week

Friday's CrossFit workout:
Strength: (Every minute on the minute) StrictPress 3x6 Reps- 65lbs 2 Minute Rest Push Press 3x3 Reps-85lbs 2 Minute Rest Push Jerk 3x2 Reps-1x105, 2x115lbs 2 Minute Rest
WOD: 7 min 1 Sprint 7 Burpees 9 Goblet Squats (35lb KB) Score=3 rounds, 7 burpees, 1 squat I absolutely loved the strength part of this workout. I love push presses and jerks because you can lift some heavy weight! Definitely want to refocus my workouts and really work on those lifts again more consistently. All I can say about the WOD is that I am so glad it was only 7 minutes! It did not seem like that workout was going to be that hard, but I felt a little pukey after the first sprint and pretty much the whole way through! I don't know if it was what I ate before or the fact that it was super hot today or what! I wasn't really happy with how many rounds I got, but oh well! It was a tough one. But aren't they all?

How Can I Get Toned?

I often get asked by women, “What can I do to be toned like you?” or, “How can I get my arms/legs to like yours?” I usually give them the short answer: something like, “Lift heavy weights and eat healthy”… because I’m afraid that the real answer would scare them away....

 In reality, it’s been more than 10 years of working my butt off in the gym, day in and day out, consistently, rarely skipping a workout, even when I don’t feel like going to the gym. It’s been years of lifting HEAVY weights-weights so heavy that I get sick to my stomach thinking about how hard it's going to be…. so heavy that I have to have complete focus, psych myself up and envision myself lifting it….so heavy that I have to grunt and strain and make ugly faces to get the weight to move…. so heavy that I think I’m not going to get the last 2 reps but I give it all I’ve got and somehow manage to squeeze them out….so heavy that I can barely lift my arm up after my workout to drink my protein shake.

And THAT'S h…

Thursday Thoughts

I have a whole bunch of things swirling around in my head, so I thought I'd just put them all in one post!

So, okay, I don't know why this irritates me so much, but I hate when people start putting up fall decorations before September is even here! It's still summer! It should be a rule that you can't put up fall decorations until October. ;) 

I love Fall-love love love it. I think it's the one of the best times of the year in Kentucky...but ...Fall just means it's that much closer to winter!! :( I am a summer girl through and through, and I wish it lasted longer! But I plan on enjoying these last few weeks of summer to the fullest!

And speaking of Fall...I have about a million bajillion pumpkin recipes I can't wait to try! I love pumpkin. Seriously, I have so many recipes pinned on Pinterest that I never get around to making-I think someone should come to my house and make them for me every week! You bake, I eat! Sound good?

Anyways, if you are new to my bl…

Who I Am

I keep a notebook where I jot down ideas and thoughts for future blog posts, or just things that pop into my head. I was just looking over some old notes and came across this from a few months ago:

A few thoughts that came to my head in the car driving the other day: I am not my weight. I am not how much I can squat. I am not how much muscle I have. I am not how lean I am. God has to constantly remind me of this. Every time I get caught up in things that aren't that important in the long run, not from an eternal perspective, He always speaks to me and reminds me of what's really important in life and who I am and what I have in HIM. He always leads me back to Him and reminds me that it’s not all about ME.
Just thought that maybe someone out there needed to hear this! :)

Beautiful Weekend

It was such a beautiful weekend here in Kentucky!
Saturday I modeled workout clothes with a friend at Dillards for a Nike and Under Armour promotion they had going on, which was kind of fun! Plus, I got some free workout clothes. ;)
After that, Matt and I went to church and to a local park afterwards to enjoy the beautiful evening laying on a blanket in the grass. :)
Since I didn't have time to workout Saturday, I started my day Sunday with some hill sprints for conditioning. It was just too nice to workout inside!
We grilled out some cheeseburgers for our cheat meal of the weekend, with a side of corn and Sunchips(my favorite things everrrr!): Then we headed out to Louisville Slugger Field for Black Label CrossFit day at the Louisville Bats game!
Some people from our Black Label CrossFit box performed some short WODs during the game, which was pretty cool! I didn't participate but had fun watching others torture themselves, ha!
After the game, Matt and I headed to the wat…

CrossFit WOD

I was excited Friday to be back in town so that I could get in my weekly CrossFit workout! As always, this workout kicked my butt and was a lot harder than it looks.

I was pretty excited about the heavy squats! Although my strength is still not back to what it was, I'm happy about the weight I was able to work up to for my 3 rep max. I'm baaack!

Strength: Back squat, 4 sets of 3, working up to 3 RM
145x3 155x3 165x3 175x3
WOD: -10 minutes- 3 front squats w/95lbs 9 Bar facing burpees(jumping over the bar) Score=8 rounds

Some Things I'm Loving Right Now

 I'm just loving the song, "Well Done" by Moriah Peters right now. I love her voice and the upbeat, happy feel of this song! And the message, of course!

Right now I'm reading "Traveling Light" by Max Lucado.

This book takes you through the verses of the 23rd Psalm to show how you can let go of the burdens you were never meant to carry-such burdens as anxiety, doubt, insecurity, self-reliance, and loneliness. I'm really enjoying it and seeing Psalm 23 in a whole new way. The Lord is my Shepherd!

Barbell glute bridges-I'm all about these right now. I'm kind of obsessed with butts. I can't help it, I just love a nice butt! I couldn't help butt(haha) notice the sprinter's nice booties during the Olympics! Wow! Makes me really look forward to adding sprints back into my program!

Home grown tomatoes-you all know how much I hate almost all vegetables, but I do love me some home grown tomatoes (I know, I kno…

My Current Training Style

When I first started lifting weights when I was about 13 years old, I alternated upper and lower body days. Then when I met my husband when I was 19, I started going to the gym for the first time. He had me training with a bodybuilding type split(1-2 muscle groups a day) that I stuck with for the next 8 years or so. I got great results with that program over the course of those years(especially as I got stronger, lifted heavier, and ate more!)

In October of 2010, I discovered CrossFit, stopped doing my bodybuilding routines, and began following the workouts on the CrossFit mainsite. I absolutely loved it from the start and continued to do it for a little over a year. It definitely changed the way that I train, and I am so thankful for that!  I then slowly transitioned more towards powerlifting and less met-con workouts because I realized that I really enjoyed lifting heavy, being able to rest between sets, and actually breathe during my workouts!

Because I loved training heavy for l…

The One You Feed


New York Trip

We just got back this past weekend from visiting my in-laws in New York. We had a really nice time with the family and enjoyed playing with our little nephew, Noah, who just turned 2 years old! He's such a cutie! Noah playing in the pool with Uncle "Mack", as he calls him!  Of course, we ate tons of  food, like this dinner Matt's Italian grandma cooked for us: And we had to get pizza from Pizza Land, Matt's favorite pizza place in his hometown of Caledonia. I'm not gonna lie, I think I might have eaten about 6 slices...and enjoyed every bite!
We also took a day and went to Niagara Falls State Park, since it's only a little over an hour drive from where my in-laws live. It was my first time seeing the falls from the American side. It was a beautiful day, and the views of the falls were amazing!
Of course, I couldn't leave without getting a handstand pic in front of Niagara Falls!
Despite all the pizza, pasta, mac&cheese, ice cream, and brownies I …


"Every day, you are to offer your life to God for His service. You do not serve Him in your spare time or with your leftover resources. The way you live your life for God is your offering to Him."
- Richard Blackaby

Why I Don't Compete

I can't tell you how many times someone has asked me if I compete or told me that I should compete in a figure competition. A lot of times they can't believe it when I say that I don't compete and don't plan on competing ever. It's just not something that I have any desire to do.

Before I give my reasons why I choose not to compete, let me first say that I do not think anything is wrong with competing, and I don't judge people who choose to do that. I admire what all goes into competing and the courage it takes to get up on that stage! It's just a world that I personally don't want to be a part of.

As I've mentioned before, it just does NOT sound fun to me to stand on a stage in front of a crowd of people in a tiny little outfit for everyone to judge and critique my body. I do that enough to myself! I don't like being the center of attention, and getting up in front of people terrifies me. But that's not even my main concern. Knowing how mu…

This is Why I Lift!

"Why do I love to lift? It's the set after set of challenges - overcoming each one, and realizing I'm stronger and tougher than I think. That strength stays...long after the lift...I carry it with me, always." -ErinStern

I love this quote from Erin Stern! It's so true. The strength you gain from lifting weights is something that you carry with you, always, long after you step out of the weight room.
Why do I love to lift? There are so many reasons.
First I'll state the obvious-weight training makes you look awesome! It has helped me to create a body that I am proud of and has increased my confidence in how I look. I'm not gonna lie-I like to show off the results of my hard work! I'm proud of my arms in a tank top and my quads in a pair of short shorts.  I'm not ashamed or self conscious in a bathing suit, and I think my butt looks pretty good in a tight pair of jeans!
But it goes beyond the physical.
I noticed the other day as I was walking into th…