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Ice Storm 2009

Well, it is now day 4 of having no electricity!! I'm at the library, once again-at least it's warm here! The temperature in our house hit a new record low: 38 degrees! Oh my gosh, it's so cold!! But fortunately, tomorrow is going to be 47 degrees, so it won't be as cold, and most of the snow should melt. I have heard that we may be getting more snow, though, on Monday! As long as there is no ice with it!

Basically, my husband and I have just been going to the gym and the library to stay warm...then when we're at home, we are right in front of the fireplace. I checked out a bunch of books at the library the other day, so that keeps me busy. I am fine as long as I have my face in a book! I've already read a whole book in just a day and a half! There's not really much else to to...

Today I did have to train a couple of people at the gym...then it was leg day for me!! I hate hate hate hate hate hate leg day!!!! I have really skinny chicken legs, so I …

I'm freezing!!

I am tired of being cold!!! Well, we got the snow I wanted(about 4 inches or so?), but we got something along with it that I didn't want-ICE! So after we got the snow, the next day we had freezing rain all day...and then more snow after that! So with all the ice, we've had a lot of trees damaged and branches that fell on our roof! My pretty dogwood tree in the back yard(our only tree) split right in half!
But worst of all, we have no power! It is sooooooooo cold in our house, but luckily we have a fireplace I can camp out in front of. I don't know what I would do without that! I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the cold more than this is, like, torture to me! So far it's gotten down to 43 degrees in our house. EW. I am hating this. And I'm getting very tired of eating cereal and sandwiches! Tonight I think we're going to roast some hotdogs over the fire. That should be fun...
I just hope we get power back sooooooon....but they're saying it may be a we…

The history of ME!!

Part 1- ME
Were you a planned baby?
I think so?
Were you the first?
Who was present at your birth?
I have no idea!
Were your parents married when you were born?

PART 2- THE FAMILYParents married or divorced?
An only child?
Nope-1 of 3
If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?
Which parent do you get along with best?
My dad, I guess
Do you have step-parents?

PART 3- THE FRIENDSDo you have more than one best friend?
What do you like to do when you are together?
Just laugh and talk about "old times" lol
Do you share the same interest?
SureWhich friends can you tell everything to?
My husband!PART 4- YOUR PERSONALITYDo you have low self esteem?
Do you get depressed about things easily?
Not at all
Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?
I am an introvert, for sure
Are you happy?
YES!!!! : )
Do you live life to the fullest?
Try to!

PART 5- APPEARANCEAre you comfortable with the way you look?
Most of the time, yes
Describe your hair?
Long, brown…


"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." -Plato

I know some people(well, a lot of people) hate exercising. And I just don't get it! We were MADE to move. Our bodies function better when we are active on a regular basis. I believe one reason people are so stressed, depressed, and lethargic is because of a lack of exercise. We were not made to sit around and eat junkfood all day! Of course we'll feel like crap when we do that, and we'll end up looking like crap, too!

I love to exercise. Now, I'm not a big cardio person, but I love love love lifting weights! I picked up my first pair of dumbbells when I was 12, and I haven't stopped lifting since. I've always been skinny and hated it. But when I started training with weights, I slowly saw my body transform, and I loved it! If I hadn't have started weight training at such a young age, I'm sure I wou…

Just a normal day

So here's what I did today:

-Cleaned the house
-Went to the gym(checked out Urban Active-that place is way too big) and trained shoulders and abs
-Went to the tanning bed
-Took my dog to run around in the field next to our subdivision
-Decided to try to make some chili (turned out okay-I DON'T cook!)
-Went to Meijers because I was having a chocolate and diet pepsi craving!

So that was my fun day today! That's a pretty typical, normal day for me. I really don't work much at all (I need another job!) so I have lot of time on my hands!

First blog

Hmmm....thought I'd try this blogging thing. I've kept a journal practically my whole life(since first grade), but in the last few years I just haven't been able to write! I don't know if it's just because my life is a lot more boring or WHAT, but I can't seem to think of anything to write about anymore! But hopefully I can use this as a "journal" to keep track of things going on in my life. We'll see if it works out!