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Workouts Of The Week

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
Tonight we're having dinner at Mom's, and I'm so excited to finally see Celeste! Yesterday I made these brownie "bird's nests" that I think are going to be amazing.

I just made brownies out of a box and baked them in a muffin tin. I added Reese's pieces to the batter, made some peanut butter frosting, and then topped them with peanut butter m&m's. Can't wait to eat these later! 
Okay, on to the workouts! 

Feeling pretty much back to normal this week, but I'm still easing back into things and not doing any crazy heavy lifts or anything. This was a decent workout, and my strength and energy was definitely much better this week! :)

1a)Seated dumbbell overhead press: 30x8/35x8/40x6/40x6
1b)T-bar rows; 45x8/55x7/6/6
2a)1 arm dumbbell chest press: 40x3x9
2b)Neutral grip pullups: 2x8/ Wide grip fat bar pulups: 2x6
3a)Hammer curls: 12/10/15
3b)Pullaparts: 4x15
4a)Cable pullthroug…

Thursday Thoughts

Okay, time for a "Dear Diary" post...

I'm going to be really honest and real with you all right now. 

So by the time you've hit 30, you most likely already have kids, or have thought about having kids. Usually, by this point, people either know they want children or they know they don't. 

The thing with me is, I just don't know. To be honest, I have nothing in me whatsoever that wants to have a child right now....but I'm not completely opposed to having one in the future. And that's my conundrum!

I actually sometimes envision my future with a kid, and I know I'd be a great mom...but I just know I don't want to go through a pregnancy and labor or have a screaming, pooping baby to take care of. Like, nothing about it appeals to me at all. And Matt is right there with me! I think it would help if he had strong feelings one way or another, but he is in the same boat as me. 

I just keep waiting for the desire to hit me.... but so far it hasn't come…

Workouts of The Week

Decided to stay home for this workout since I was still not recovered from the food poisoning, spending 5 hours on a plane, and the time change. Just doing this wore me out, but it really felt good to get in a workout. My lats were actually really sore the next day!

1)Stair pullups: 4x6
2)Arnold press: 25x12/10/9/8
3a)1 arm row:35x 3x12
3b)Pushups: 3x12
4)Pull-aparts: 3x20
5a)Single leg hip thrusts 3x10
5b)Band walks 3x8/leg (2x each way)
5c)Band squats 3x15

Finally was feeling better this day, but definitely still weak, so I decided to do another workout at home. I was really sore in my glutes the next couple days from this!

1)Bulgarian split squats: 25sx3x8
2)Single leg RDL (cross body): 35x3x12
3)High step up: bodyweight x2x12
4)Dumbbell front squat: 25s x2x15
5a)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge: 3x12
5b)Band abductions: 3x30
6)Reverse crunch w/slow eccentric: 3x12-15

Finally felt…

Vacation Pics!

I'm back! Happy Monday!

We had a great time in Punta Cana celebrating our 10 year anniversary. The weather was perfect, but super windy, which was fine because it made it never feel too hot. We spent 5 days basically just bumming it on the beach.

Unfortunately, both of us did both get some food poisoning, but it didn't ruin our trip. Mine didn't start until the second to last day, but I'm still feeling the effects. We got one full body workout in Tuesday at the gym, but then Matt got sick on Wednesday. I had planned on doing another full body workout on Friday, but then I got sick Thursday night. Needless to say, I  didn't work out and was on an all carb diet for a couple of days because meat just didn't appeal to me at all. Cereal and chips got me through, since that's all that sounded good. But enough about that!

Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary! We've been through a lot together in the last 10 years, and there is NO one else I'd rather ha…

Workouts of The Week

Here are the workouts from this week. I plan on getting in a few workouts on vacation, but it's not something I stress about. I just enjoy moving my body! I won't have access to heavy weights, so I'll consider this a deload week, which I'm due for anyway.


1)Barbell snatch: 75x3/85x3x3
2)Pendlay row: 115x3x5
3a)Narrow neutral grip pullups: 22.5x5/5/ 4+4 without weight(x2)
3b)Handstand pushups: 4x6
4)Seated single arm cable row: 4x10
5a)Face pulls: 3x12
5b)Reverse crunch on bench: 4x12
6a)Pull-thoughs: 4x12
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 4x10

WEDNESDAY LOWER BODY Good workout this week. Squats still felt strong again!
1)Squats: 175x3x6 2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 155x10x1 w/20 second rest 3)Glute ham raise: 10x8/20x3x8 4)Reverse hack squat: 150x12/180x12/190x12/Leg press: 220x20 5a)Reverse hypers: 100x3x15 5b)Seated band abductions: 4x25 6a)Walking lunges: bodyweight x50(25/leg) 6b)Ab wheel rollouts: 2x10 to wall on toes/2x12/15 on knees



Happy Friday!  Here are some of my favorite things of the week:
*70 degree days in February We had a beautiful weekend last weekend, and look-the first flower of the year! Today is pretty cold, and yesterday it snowed. :( But at least there is hope-Spring is right around the corner!
We love warm days!
*Getting a haircut after 4 months  The last time I cut my hair I got 4 inches taken off, and it's grown pretty fast. It really needed to be shaped up though. I LOVE long hair, but my hair just isn't thick like it used to be, which sucks because I really don't like it short. :( I'm gonna hang onto it as long as I can though!

*French toast English muffins
After seeing these on Instagram and then coming across them at the store, I just couldn't resist. Especially after smelling them! They did not disappoint. Definitely my new fave of all the flavors I've tried.

*Good books I just finished Sycamore Row, and I really enjoyed it. It was one of those books that I didn't w…