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What I Ate & Workout Wednesday

What I Ate:

8:00-PB protein oats(1/2cup), coffee w/ cream
(I could eat this every day for the rest of my liiiiife!!!)

11:30-leftover graham cracker pudding pie (no clue how much)
+ MuscleTech Whey Isolate protein shake mixed with almond milk

12:45-2 eggs + 2 whites + mozzarella cheese, 2 Van's waffles w/sugar free syrup

3:30- 3.5 oz baked chicken, apple, rice cake(could only cram down one in between clients!)

7:00-1 cup rice(brown today) mixed w/ 4 oz ground turkey and 2 tbsp. salsa, 2 Hershey kisses :)

10:00- 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. peanut butter

Today was leg day!

1a)Glute ham raise 3x8(finally getting the hang of these and where to be positioned!)

1b)Vertical jump 3x5

2)Back squat 5x5

3)Hip thrust 1x12/10/8/10 (Did 175x10, which is a rep PR! Sloooooowly getting stronger on these. LOVE them!)

4)Single leg squat to bench, holding weight: 3x8

5)Band clams 2x20

6)Glute kickbacks 2x12 (Yes, I actually used a machine. Feel like a loser doing them, but hey, I'm tryin…

Off Day Mobility

I only go the gym 4 times a week, so that means I'm left with 3 days to do....nothing? Well, not exactly. Yes, there are days when I do do just that-nothing. However, I think it's important to be as active as you can, even outside of the gym, and to move your body in some way every day. Our bodies weren't made to sit and do nothing. When it's not -9 degrees outside like today, I like to go on a 10-30 minute walk with my dog on my days off from the gym. This isn't for cardio, or to burn calories, but just to get outside and MOVE. Going for a walk always refreshes me and gives me an instant energy boost. Especially in the winter when it's too cold out for a walk(which for me is when it's under 20 degrees!), I like to get in a quick glute activation and mobility circuit. From years of lifting and just being genetically tight and stiff, it's really important for me to work on my mobility. This is something I have only done recently but can tell a big diffe…

Weekend Fun In Pics

Fun snow day being a kid! So happy it was finally warm enough to be outside in the sunshine! My handsome baby! Selfie!  So happy I got to see this beautiful face this weekend! Celeste with my brother at church Saturday. She has my heart!

A Workout and A Weekend Treat

We had another snow day this week... And then I woke up this morning to MORE snow! We haven't had such a cold, snowy winter in a LONG time. It's been too cold to even be outside, and I am getting stir crazy! The snow really is pretty and all, but I'm just OVER winter.   So anyway, this week I started the "Uncaged" program that I did at the beginning of 2013. I decided to do it again because it's just nice not having to write out my own workouts, plus I want to increase my lifts, which it helped me to do last year. I am tweaking a few things, though, like adding in calf raises and hip thrusts and doing deadlifts on a separate day. So we'll see how it goes! I may decide to just use the sets/reps on the main lifts and do my own thing for the accessory lifts.

Yesterday's upper body assistance workout was super quick but effective. Remember, the goal of your training is not to completely kill yourself every workout, but to make yourself better. It doesn&#…

Jan/Feb Training Plan

MONDAY UPPER HEAVY 1)Standing calf raise 10x10 30s rest
2)1 arm snatch 5x6  60s rest
3a)Overhead press 3x5/5x5/2x5/1x5RM (Weeks 1-4) 60s
3b)Weighted neutral grip pullups  5x5  60s
4a)Close grip bench 3x5/5x5/2x5/1x5RM  60s
4b)Front lever hold 4x10 60s
Heavy prowler sprints
1a)Vertical jump 3x5 60s 1b)GHR 3x5
2)Squat 3x5/5x5/2x5/1x5RM  2 min 3)BB hip thrust 4x8 60s
4a)1 leg squat 3x6-8  30s 4b)Lsit 3x12s 30s
5)Band Clams
Farmer’s walks
1a)Feet elevated inverted row 5x6-8 60s
1b)HSPU 5x3-5  60s
2a)Suspended pushup 5x6-8 45s
2b)Front lever 3x10 seconds 45s
3a)Bicep curl 3x10  30s
3b)Ab wheel 3x6-8  30s
4)Lateral raises or TRX flyes
SATURDAY LOWER 1)Seated calf raise 10x10 2)Deadlift 5x8(55%)/4x8(60%)/3x8(65%)/deload
3)Leg press 3x15 4)1 leg glute bridge 3x10-12
5)Band abductions
KB swings and/ or double unders

Five Things Friday

Happyyy Fridayyyy!!!
1.I woke up this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland! I always feel like a kid when I wake up and see a world of white outside, especially when you don't expect it. So pretty. :)

2. It's burger night in the Cappotelli household! Oh yeah! Every Friday my husband and I cook up some grassfed beef, and now that I ain't scared of carbs, I even have a bun...what?? And cheese, duh. ;) Cheeseburgers are seriously one of the best things everrr, and you better believe they will always be included in my nutrition plan. And no, it's not even considered a "cheat" meal. That comes tomorrow. ;)

3. New exercise I'm loving: TRX reverse flyes! I love the burn I get in my rear delts from these. Training the rear delts is key to getting full, round shoulders, not to mention that it's good for keeping your shoulders healthy and strong. Try them!

4)Super yummy bedtime treat I'm loving:
1 scoop NitroTech or Phase8 vanilla (or 1/2 scoop each)+…

Love This!


"I have a dream that one-day…

women will fill the weight room.

A woman curling, 

A woman pressing,

and a woman squatting is as commonplace as a man.

I have a dream that women will discover the power of grasping a barbell. I want her to feel what it’s like to grab ahold of her own strength. It’s not a dance, hop, or step, but a forge forward into one’s own power.

I have a dream that in the depth of a squat, many women realize there are no short cuts to health. It’s just push, after push, after ONE MORE PUSH. With weight on her back and muscles firing, it becomes obvious that life is hard work.

I have a dream women will say to the men and marketers “No, I know it as well as you do,” and “You can’t trick me into buying what doesn’t work.”

I have a dream that fit isn’t one shape or size, and that the beauty of fit is seen in the pursuit of “better”."

Bible Challenge

We all want to know God's purpose for our life, we want Him to show us what to do or speak to us  in some way...well,, you know what? He does speak to us-through His word! All we need to know for our life is right there in His book.

All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that everyone who belongs to God may be proficient, equipped for every good work. (2 Tim 3:16-17)
Do you realize the power of The Word? The Bible is SO much more than just words on a page; it is God speaking to us. It is alive, powerful, and transforming! If you are a Christian and only read bits and pieces of the Bible, or just some of the most "popular" verses here and there, you are missing out.

The Bible is the only book I can read multiple times(and I have read it all the way through a few times now), and it's always like I'm reading it for the first time. What is so awesome is that it never gets old or …

Shift Your Focus This Year!

"When you shift your focus from your body weight to the weight you can lift, and what your body is capable of, magic happens. Delicious, juicy mental and physical magic." -Jen Comas Keck

Monday Ramblings

How is everyone dealing with the coooold temperatures today? It's 0 degrees here in KY. ZERO. This is the time of year when I start getting soooo stir crazy and ready for summer! I just need to be outside and feel the warm sun on my skin... Who's with me? Of course, I love Spring, too, so we don't wanna skip past that! I had a depressing few days last week taking down my Christmas decorations. I hear everyone saying, "I'm so glad the holidays are over!", and I'm all over here almost in tears because they're over! Am I the only one like this? :( But... I'm getting over it. Kind of. Soooo this past weekend, I ate so much food. Last year I would never have allowed myself to have popcorn, a homemade pizza, and tater tots all in one weekend! Ohmigosh, so many carbs! None of those were "cheat meals" either, just part of my regular meals! I'm so glad that I'm no longer a carbophobe and that I don't stress about eating super strict…

5 Of My Favorite Crunchless Ab Exercises

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, then you probably know that I do NOT enjoy training abs. Actually, I have to say that I pretty much HATE ab exercises-they are probably my least favorite muscle group to train. But it IS important to have strong abdominals and core, so it has to be done. However, that does not mean you have to do hundred of crunches-there are more effective ways to strengthen your abs. These exercise will give you a bigger bang for your buck, since you'll be working not just your core but other muscle groups as well.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1)Ab wheel or ball rollouts-This is probably my favorite abdominal exercise, and it always gets me sore! Make sure to keep your abs tight, squeeze your glutes, and don't arch your back.

2)Hanging leg raises- I'd have to say that these are my least favorite(because they are hard!) but one of the most effective. If you do them from a bar, you get the added benefit of working your grip and upper back, …