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Workouts Of The Week

Went a little heavier on snatches and pullups this week. Back was sore from deads, so I did T-bar rows to give my back a break. For the glute superset, I did kickbacks on the reverse hyper, and man...I haven't had a burn like that in I don't know how long!

1)DB snatch: 40x5/45x5/45x5
2)Pullup(wide grip neutral): Clusters w/ 15lbs x2-2-2-2(10 second rest), rest 2 minutes and repeat for 3 total sets of 8
3)Tbar row: 2x6/2x8
4)Seated cable row: 2x10 overhand/2x10 underhand
5a)TRX reverse flyes: 3x12
5b)Handstand pushups: 5x5
6a)Reverse hyper machine kickback: 4x14
6b)Band glute bridge: 3x 10 wide/10 narrow
7)Ab wheel negatives: 10/8/8

WEDNESDAY LOWER BODY Squats were 65% this week-pretty light, but they don't FEEL light! I went heavier on RDLs and did more reps on the GHR. By the time I got to leg press, it felt really hard! 
1)Squat jumps 3x5 2)Squats: 65% (145) x3x8 3)RDLs: 135x10/155x8/165x2x8 4)Glute ham raise: 15x4x10 5)Leg press: 140x12/230x12/…

Workouts Of The Week

Fun workout. Did some dumbbell snatches to start, then did pullup clusters with a 10lb weight just to change it up. Also did some Pendley rows for the first time ever, and they were kind of fun!
1)Dumbbell snatch: 40x3x5
2)Neutral grip pullups: Cluster sets w/ 10lb weight (2 pullups, rest 10 seconds, x4), rest and repeat for 3 sets
3)Pendlay rows: 95x6/115x6/115x6/105x6
4)1 arm cable row: low 2x10/high 2x10
5)Kneeling face pulls: 3x15
6a)Reverse hypers: 80x3x15
6b)Band walks: 3x15/leg
7a)Handstand pushups: 4x5
7b)Ab wheel negatives: 4x8

Squats this week were still light, but I added a pause to them, so they were definitely challenging. Increased weight on RDLs, leg press, and glute ham raises this week. Calves actually got sore with the heavier weight and drop set I did on the last set.

1)Squat jumps: 3x5
2)Pause squats: @60% 1 RM 4x8
3)RDLs: 135x8/155x3x8
4)Narrow stance leg press: 270x4x10
5)Glute ham raise: 10x10/15x3x8
6)Calf raise: 150…

Friday Ramblings & Faves

Hiiii!!! Happy Friday! Today is a snow day for me...sooo I figured I'd write a blog in my spare time. :)

So basically the whole city of Louisville and surrounding areas has completely shut down because of the potential to get anywhere from like an inch of snow to a foot throughout the day. That's pretty much how it always is here when snow is in the forecast. People completely panic!

We did get a few inches of snow Tuesday night, and it has been snowing a bit the last couple of hours. I was able to get my workout in this morning before the gym closed, but I cancelled my sessions for this evening. I'm hoping it really won't be that bad so I can still go in and deadlift tomorrow! Yeah, I can workout at home if I have to, but I just really wanna deadlift!!

Asher and I went out yesterday to do a snow photoshoot. ;) He just loves the snow.

Onto my faves of the week: 
I finished this book yesterday, and I really, really enjoyed it! Last year I read 35 books, and this year my…

Transformation Tuesday

I've been reading through some old blog posts and deleting some that are just like 2 sentences long, because really...why? lol. But man, have I made a transformation in the last 5 years! And no, I'm NOT talking about a physical transformation.

I once had SO much anxiety and obsession over food it was crazy. I was afraid to eat certain foods, and I was so confused by all the information out there(and who could blame me?!). I just didn't know what was "right" or "wrong", what I should or shouldn't eat. I was so fearful of certain foods being "bad" for me, and I restricted carbs for a while because I thought they weren't healthy.

When I read some of the stuff I wrote back then, it's like some of the stuff I read on social media and just roll my eyes now. But I mean, that was me a few years ago. I would have a "cheat meal" and then try to eat nothing but protein and veggies the next day, or even try to eat lower carb for the wh…

Workouts Of The Week

This week is just going to be about easing back into things. Not going super heavy on anything. As I said, I changed Monday to my pull day because I just feel I have more energy and strength on Fridays, so I want that to be my bench day. I threw in some handstand pushups between pulling sets today just for fun. For glutes I did reverse hypers and band walks. Even with all of that, it was a pretty short workout. My abs were insanely sore for days after those ab wheel rollouts!

1)Pullups: x30 reps 8/6/5/5/4/2
2)Handstand pushups: 3x5
3)1 arm rows: 50x8/60x7/6
4)Seated wide grip rows: 12/10/10/10
5)Face pulls: 3x12-15
6a)Ab wheel rollouts: (toes)2x8/(knees)2x12
6b)Pull-aparts: 3x20
7a)Reverse hypers: 70x3x15
7b)Band walks: 4x12/leg
8)Ring Lsits: 3x15 seconds

Once again, these workouts this week are about easing back into things. I'm not killing myself, and I'm not using the heaviest weights I can lift. Over the next few weeks I will slowly in…

Three Things Thursday

Hey guys!! I love Thursdays! Because that means tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!

So I finally got my donuts over the weekend....
The chocolate one was so good that I had to get another one! And I'm thinking I may go back for a repeat this weekend. ;) Donuts are just the freakin' best!

We had our first snow over the weekend. I would have been so happy if this were a month ago, but now I'm over it. January is my least favorite month of the year.It's like right in the middle of the winter, the holidays are over, it's always cold and dreary it seems, and you know you still have one more long month of winter after this. But at least today is like 50 and sunny!
So is the plan I have written out for the next 4-6 weeks of training. I'm actually getting super bored of the push pull thing, so I'll probably be switching back to upper/lower. I just have to do what I enjoy! And I just enjoy training more like an athlete than a bodybuilder. So I'll be goin…

Training Fast & Friday Faves

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

So I've really been enjoying this week off from the gym. I've walked a few times, but that's really about it! I honestly haven't missed the gym for a second. But I am looking forward to being back next week. ;)

I've used the hour I would usually be at the gym to read the Bible and pray. I've been following 's devotionals for the Bible readings, as well as the January scripture writing plan that I posted previously. Throughout the week I read through Hebrews, Colossians, and Nehemiah 1-6.

I liked this so much that it may just be a yearly tradition! I encourage you guys to do the same-maybe try it next week! Just like Jimmy Pena says, 10 days of no training will do far more good for our souls than harm to our bodies. And that's so true!

I think it just sets the tone for the whole year and keeps our priorities in check. It shows that we choose to put God first, not our fitness goals. It sets our thoughts on God, letting …


True and long term happiness doesn't come from a number on the scale or a dress size. 
Honest enjoyment doesn't come from flexing your bicep in the gym and the only one smiling back at you is yourself. These things may give you temporary satisfaction, but you have to learn to think beyond what you see and begin to focus on how you feel. 
If it consumes you...If it controls how you feel...If it makes you check yourself out in the mirror 100 times a day...If it makes you compare your body to someone else's...If it causes you to take an extreme approach...If it makes you stand on the scale before breakfast, lunch, and dinner... It's not healthy. 
And remember, this can apply to anyone- you don't have to have an eating disorder or be a competitor to develop a "never good enough" mindset.
It takes practice and it's not an easy transition, but I promise, when you're mindful of doing what makes you feel good rather than masking feelings by being consumed- yo…

Workouts Of The Week

Mine was spent on the couch, in my pajamas, with a fire going in the fireplace. There's no place I'd have rather been! I actually tapped out at like 10 minutes til midnight! 

Then we started the new year off right with a pizza date on New Year's day! It was yummy!! 

Workouts were good this week. Decided to hold off on the deload for this upcoming week. PrayFit is doing a 10 day "fast" from training to start the new year, so I am going to just take the gym completely off, and start the first full week of the  year spending time in God's word. I found a new scripture writing plan for January, if anyone would like to join me! Let's start the new year with our focus on the right thing, and let fitness take a back seat.

On to the workouts!

Finally bench is getting a little heavy-100 pounds! I hate the first month with the light weights but I think it's good to back off sometimes and work your way ba…