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Weekend Recap & Workouts

Happy Tuesday!

We had a great 3 day weekend!

Went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner Saturday and then had ice cream for dessert. Because it's summertime, after all.
Then Celeste came and spent the night Saturday and stayed with me all day Sunday. We had lots of fun! I just love her.
Monday I trained some clients and worked out in the morning and then floated in the pool for the first time this year! Finally! It was such a beautiful day, so we took a cruise in the Jeep, grilled out a yummy dinner, and took Asher for a walk.

We grilled chicken that I marinated in sugar free barbecue sauce, along with grilled red potatoes tossed in olive oil and seasonings, a side salad, and watermelon. So good!

I thought I would share what my workouts have been looking like lately. I did change things up a bit this week from what I had planned, but here's what I did:

Home workout- shoulders and back focus

Wednesday Quads
I was able to go a little heavier on squats and split squats, but dang, doing …

Eat To Fuel Your Workouts

Your whole mindset about food changes when you view it as "fuel" for you workouts rather than the enemy.

Many people, women especially, are scared of food-scared to eat "too much", or scared to eat certain food groups, such as carbs. Which is why often times I find that many women are not eating enough, or just not enough of the right foods.

OR they are restricting themselves and eating very little during the day or throughout the week, only to binge and eat like crap at night or the whole weekend. NOT a great way to get results or have a good relationship with food.

Food is NOT the enemy. If you are active, and especially if you are lifting weights, you need to view food as FUEL.

What many people fail to realize is that what you eat the night before and the morning of can have a huge affect on your workout. It can be the difference between having a great workout and feeling strong, or having a crappy workout.  If you didn't eat enough calories or enough carbs …

This Month's Training Plan (May-June 2017)

Happy Monday!

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in KY! I got my flowers planted, washed my car, cruised around in the Jeep, grilled out, and got ice cream at Culver's.
I love weekends like that! 
So training update: I'm going to continue another month or so with a higher rep focus and then I'll start adding back in my heavier squats and deadlifts or go back to a heavy day and a light day each week. Sets of 10-12 on squats are NOT fun but sometimes you gotta do things that aren't fun to work on your weaknesses. And mine is FOR sure higher reps. It'll only make me better in the long run!
Some days I feel like my legs are bigger and then other days I feel like they're smaller! I looked so puny in my vacation pics, I do know that. ;) But it is what it is. I am not gonna hate my body because I'm not "thick" or curvy-this is just me, and I'm not gonna feel bad about it. Even if I do look like a 12 year old boy in a bikini. 😜 But like I sa…

Your Body Will Never Make You Happy

Newsflash: your body will never make you happy. 

If you aren't happy with yourself or your life now but are thinking that you will be when you lose another 10 pounds, or when you get the 6 pack, or when you are a certain number on the scale, then you will be sadly disappointed. Because the thing is, once you reach that goal, there will be something else you're not satisfied with and that you want to change. It's a neverending cycle!

If you don't already have happiness within you, changing your body isn't gonna do it. Happiness goes far deeper than outer appearance, so if you're seeking it through looks alone, you will always find it elusive.

I can honestly say that my body does not bring me happiness. I was just as happy when I had more body fat as I am right now. I was just as happy when I had less muscle as I am right now. When I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, I am still as happy as on a day where I DO like what I see. Because to me, happin…

Vacation Recap-Pics, Food, and Workouts

I'm baaaack!!

We had a great time in Florida, and I'm definitely missing it already. It's soooo hard for me to leave the beach! No time there is ever long enough. I had a great time doing nothing but laying in the sun and eating all day, ha! Okay, maybe we did get in a few workouts. ;)

The weather was pretty perfect except for a couple of lower temperature days where the wind was out of control.  We shivered our butts off one night watching the sunset...but it beats being here in Louisville where it was in the 40s and rainy! We picked a great week to go!

We stayed at the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete beach, and we really liked it. The beach is beautiful, there are tons of restaurants to choose from nearby, and they gave us an ocean view room, which was great.

Pretty much all of our days consisted of getting up and working out, eating breakfast in our hotel room, heading out to the beach for a little while and then the pool for a couple of hours. We'd head back in for…