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Stop Doing Cardio!

Just say NO to cardio! Well, traditional "cardio", that is.

I have ALWAYS hated cardio with a passion, and have never included it in my exercise program. And by cardio, I mean what most people think of as "cardio"-running or doing the elliptical, for example, for 45 minutes or however long. That type of cardio completely BORES me out of my MIND, and I don't think it's really the most effective way to get in or to stay in shape.

Most women do WAY too much cardio because they think that's what they have to do to lose weight. I see it at the gym everysingle day-all the women are on the ellipticals, while all the guys are in the free weight area. And if a woman is lifting weights, she's usually just doing 5lb dumbbell curls or working her abs. That's why they stay fat or just skinny fat-I'm just sayin, it's true!

Let me tell you, you will get much better results just being on a good strength training program and by eating healthy, th…
So the rain and storms continue...when will it ever end?? Actually, the sun did peek out a little today, which was SO nice to see...BUT that didn't last long. More rain is coming-booo.

Anyway....yesterday was a strength day(yay, my fave!!), and it was seven sets of your 1 rep max on the deadlift. I ended up with 215lbs, a 10lb PR! Woohoo! Lifting heavy like that gets me SO pumped, I freakin' love it! It feels awesome.

Today's workout is only going to be 7 minutes, but I have a feeling it's going to be the longest 7 minutes of my life! You start with 3 pullups, then 3 thrusters(65lbs), then 6 pullups, 6 thrusters, 9 pullups, 9 thrusters....and so on until the 7 minutes is up. Sounds easy, but I am pretty sure it will be anything BUT.

Dinner tonight is going to be pot roast. I put it in the crockpot earlier, and I can't wait to come home to the smell of it filling the house! MMMMmmm! Yes, pot roast is high in fat, but you know what? I'm not as scared of fat as I use…

Happy Easter :)

It's Easter! These are the times I wish I had a kid, if only to be able to decorate eggs and go on an Easter egg hunt! Actually, I think I just wishI was the kid!

Anyways, it's been a pretty nasty weekend. It has been raining for the past 2 days straight, with storms and tornado warnings and flooding...ugh, I'm so sick of the rain, I need the sunshine back! But at least it's warm.

Well, it did finally stop raining after we got home from church, so we cooked up some cheeseburgers on the grill, and had some corn on the cob and mac and cheese on the side. It was SO SO GOOD-I love burgers!

Then I baked some coconut carrot cupcakes for dessert. I always use holidays as an excuse to bake! :)

I make us an Easter basket every year just for the fun of it, so I might also be having a treat or two from maybe a Reese cup egg....They are THE best. I'll work it off tomorrow! hehe.

~~~~Happy Easter!~~~~

I Hate Wall Balls!

I just thought I'd give an update on how CrossFit is going. It's been almost 6 months now, and I still feel like I suck at it! Years of bodybuilding style workouts has left me deconditioned and it sucks. So I just gotta be patient and keep pushing myself harder and harder every day. I have gotten better than when I first started, but I've got a long way to go. I still feel like I can't breathe during met-cons, and most of the time I can't do the sets unbroken. Maybe one day.

I really think that I don't push myself as hard as I could because I work out by myself. I know that I'd do better if I had a workout partner or other people to compete against. But I'm terrified of working out with our CrossFit group because I know they would all kick my BUTT! And it is just NOT cool for the trainer to come in last, which I probably would!

I did get a 5lb PR the other day on my overhead press-95lbs. AND I got 2 muscle ups in a row!! So that made me happy. :)

Anyway, t…

"But I Love Junk Food!"

"But I like to eat!"

"I just really love junk food!"

These are things that people have said to me when discussing diet or weight loss or's so dumb that it just makes me want to be like, "Uhh, so? Who doesn't?"

I mean, really, you don't think I like to eat? You don't think I love junk food? You don't think I wish I could eat donuts every morning, McDonald's for lunch and pizza for dinner every night???

Well, the thing is I could... but I choose not to because I care about my health and about maintaining my physique. I mean, I think we all would love to be able eat junk every day and still be healthy and look good...but obviously, you can't! I mean, I don't think many people would really choose broccoli over French fries or grilled chicken breast over pizza, at least I wouldn't! ;)

You just have to choose what's more important to you- the temporary pleasure of eating something that tastes really good, OR the…

Why I Blog

Why do I blog? Well, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really a very social for me, writing has always been a way to get things off my chest. I've kept a journal/diary my whole life, and I basically started this blog to be an online journal.

So mostly, I blog as a way to get out my thoughts, feelings, frustrations, or just to vent about something that annoys me. Sometimes I may have something interesting or "educational" to say, sometimes it's something really serious, and sometimes it's just something pointless and silly.

Sometimes I post things about health, fitness and nutrition because that's a big part of my life...sometimes I write about a workout I did or what my cheat meal was over the weekend...sometimes it has something to do with my faith....sometimes it's just a picture or a quote or a bible verse that I like...and sometimes I just post random thoughts.

I never even thought anyone would "follow" my blog, and…

Don't Call Me Lucky

So the other day my little brother and me got into a "discussion" on Facebook, and he said something that really got under my skin. I guess we were talking about life and all the hard things he's been through and in response to something I said(can't remember what it was), he made the comment "Lucky Lindsay".

My sister has mentioned him saying that before about me to her, and it bothers me that he thinks that. I guess he sees that I'm happy, and that I have good life, and he sees that as me just being "lucky".

Well, I don't think that where I am in life or what I have or who I am has anything to do with luck. It's a result of my faith in God, the choices I've made, how I've dealt with life's circumstances, and answered prayers. NOT luck at all.

I am where I am today because I chose to do good in highschool, go to college, and get a job. Today, I choose to be happy and positive as much as I can. I choose to focus on the good…

Calorie Counting?

I'mNOT a fan of counting calories.

I have never kept track of how many calories I'm taking in, but rather the types of food I am eating, and the ratios of fat/carbs/protein in my diet.

Yes, people who are overweight will get results from eating less calories, initially. But if your focus is only on keeping calories low and not on eating good quality food, then in my opinion, you are not benefiting your body in the long run.

Also, if you are really trying to change your body composition(gain muscle, lose body fat) and not just get smaller and weigh less, then calorie couting is going to be less important than eating the right kinds of foods. For example, someone who eats 1500 calories of cookies, chips, and Twinkies is most likely going to look completely different than someone who eats the same amount of calories of chicken breasts, fish, vegetables and nuts. It's NOT all about calories in vs. calories out like you always hear.

To lean out and gain muscle mass, you need to foc…

Do Something Strange

I love this picture, it's totally me!