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Max Results and Next Training Plan

Time for the results of one rep max week!

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this week at all. I didn't feel much stronger on anything, and I knew I'd be super disappointed if NONE of my lifts went up.

Monday was squat day. I was so freaking nervous I felt like I could puke. It's been over TWO YEARS since I've tested my one rep max on squats. I was scared I wouldn't even get 225, which was my current one rep max, and the weight that I failed at my powerlifting meet.

I worked up to 215, and got it easily. Next, I decided to go for 230. I was terrified, but I got it, and it was actually pretty smooth. Then Matt talked me into jumping to 240, and I was like, well, why not? If I fail, at least I got a 5 pound PR! 240 was a super ugly grinder, and Matt touched my waist, so I don't really know if I can count that... but I'm still pretty proud of myself for pushing through and standing it up! After that I decided to drop down and try for 235, which I go…

Quote Of The Week

Things to remember: You don't have to earn the right to eat.
Exercise is not punishment or atonement.
You burn calories just living your life.
All movement counts.
Getting in shape doesn't have to hurt.
Eating treat foods doesn't make you a bad person.
Your body is your business and no one else's.
So is your weight.
And your diet.
-Amber Rogers

Month 3 Training Recap

This past month's training was sets of 3 for the main lifts, and the percentages were based off of the heavy 3 from the previous month. The first couple weeks were somewhat easy, but then it progressively got more challenging.

The workouts looked like this:

Monday-Squat day
Squat 3x3, lunges, good mornings, sled drags

Wednesday-Bench day
Bench 3x3, dumbbell floor press, ring rows, lat pulldowns

Friday-Deadlift day
Deadlift 3x3, single leg RDLs, split leg good mornings, sled drags

Saturday-Overhead press day
Overhead press 3x3, Tabata handstand hold, cable rows, lateral raises

The accessory lifts were either 5x10 or 4x10. The 5x10 lunges killed me, since I never do that much volume for them! They got me sore every single week. And the handstand holds on Saturday were actually super hard. I didn't expect them to be, but you are basically doing a handstand hold for 4 minutes straight!

This last week of the program is one rep max week, which I'm really nervous about! I haven't…

August Currently

You guuuyyyys! Can you believe that August is more than half way over??!! I seriously don't know where the Summer went. Can we just rewind back to May, please?

Well, anyways...onto my August "Currently"!

Currently I'm ....

Wet 'N Wild's Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette.! I know I've mentioned it in a previous post, but I recently got back to using it more. I love that there are SO many different looks you can do with just this one palette.

Aren't those sooo pretty? I used it last night, and it looked awesome, if I do say so myself.

I just bought the new Salted Caramel English muffins for my post workout meal, and I was a little disappointed because they weren't as good as I expected them to be! I mean, they weren't bad, but just not my favorite flavor. I top them with sugar free syrup and banana since I need those CARBS post workout!
I also recently tried the Vanilla Chex. Y'all know I love my post workout cereal! I like it, but …

New York Trip!

We had a great trip to New York last week to visit the fam!
We always have so much fun with our little nephews. They are just SO cute! I don't want them to grow up. :(
Most of the time was spent playing with them in the pool. They just love Uncle Matt!

 How adorable are they?
Of course, we  had to make a stop at Pizza Land, my hubby's FAVORITE pizza place of all time. I have to admit, it is super delicious.
We also visited Letchworth Park, which was absolutely beautiful.
 We also had to make a stop at MY favorite place-Sprinkles! They make the BEST sundaes, because they put the toppings on the bottom AND the top, so you get all that yummy goodness down to the very last bite.   We had a lot of fun being able to train together in my in-law's home gym and take alll the selfies we wanted. Matt let me be his "trainer" for the week, so bossing him around was pretty fun, too. ;)   Of course, I didn't track macros and had a few more "splurges" than normal,…

A Friendly Reminder!

You want to transform your body?

You won't do it with a 21 day fix or a 30 day squat challenge.

You don't do with some fat burning pill or juice cleanse.

You won't do it by obsessing over the scale and giving up when the results don't come as quickly as you'd hoped.

You won't do it by staying in your comfort zone.

You won't do it by not being willing to sacrifice some things.

You won't do it by skipping workouts just because you don't "feel like it".

The only way you'll achieve lasting results is a little at a time, consistently doing the right things day after day after day, year after year after year. even when you feel like you see no changes.

It's being patient, consistent, and dedicated. 

It's only when your training becomes a part of your lifestyle, when it becomes a habit, that true transformation occurs.

No, not in 30 days, or 3 months, or even 3 years, but in time it will happen.

Trust the process. Enjoy the journey.


Month 2 Training Recap

Finished month 2 of my powerlifting program!

Here is what this month looked like:

MONDAY- Lower body, squat day:
Squats, back extensions, Bulgarian split squats, sled drags, deadbugs

WEDNESDAY- Upper body, bench day:
Bench, chest supported rows, single arm tricep pushdowns, face pulls, bicep curls

FRIDAY- Lower body:
Front squat or deadlift, Romanian deadlift, box jumps, glute ham raises, hanging leg raises

SATURDAY -Upper body, press day:
Overhead press, single arm dumbbell row, dips, pull-aparts, prowler pushes

The main lifts this month were sets of 10, 6-8, and then sets of 4. The accessories were usually 4x10 or 5x8.

The last week of the program called for a heavy set of 3 for all the main lifts. My goal for squats was to get at least 200. For some reason, I have a mental block with 200 lbs, and I always feel like I need a spotter. But I did 200 and felt like I could go up, so I went for 205 and got it! I proved to myself that I can handle that weight on my own.

For Deadlifts, I g…