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The End Of Me

I just recently finished reading Kyle Idleman's most recent book, The End of Me. As always, it was another great read and definitely eye opening. It was actually based on some sermon series that he had preached, so much of it was familiar to me, but it was still a great reminder.

In the first part of the book, Kyle starts out by using four of the beatitudes from the sermon on the mount to show the "upside down" ways of Jesus. If you read through them, you'll see just how counter cultural(and counterintuitive) they are. Check them out if you want-Matthew 5: 3-12.

“this stuff runs counter to the ways people think. It says up is down and trash is treasure. He begins to introduce us to the great kingdom paradox: at the end of me, I find real life in him.”
Lets see, Jesus says, "Blessed are the poor in spirit"...wait, what? The POOR? Didn't he mean the rich? No, the paradox, as Kyle says, is that brokenness is actually the way to WHOLENESS. God loves to make th…

10 Things All Women Should Be Able To Do

10 THINGS ALL WOMEN SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO:1. Go out to a restaurant and not have a mini anxiety attack when looking at the menu.

2. Go an entire night without wondering what you look like after eating a burrito.

3. Workout because you want to take care of your body, not to punish yourself for eating that burrito.

4. Say yes to happy hour with the co-workers once in a while, without having to calculate if the two drinks fit within your macros.

5. Not care what your legs look like in shorts, or your arms look like in a tank top, especially in 90 degree weather. It’s hot… your skin needs to cool off.

6. Take a picture with your friends to capture a memory. Everyone has a bad angle. Not everyone has the opportunity to make memories with friends.

7. Come back from a bachelorette weekend with your girls and realize that your body may be out of whack, but you’re okay with it. #outallnight #memories

8. Go to bed early after a 14-hour work day instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym because someo…

Workouts of The Week

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

It was a little different this year, but we still had a good time. I'm always happy when I get to see Celeste! I couldn't get any good pics of her this year though, because she doesn't sit still! I guess that's a 2 year old for you!

Workouts were good this week, but I'm thinking I'm due for a deload week. Probably not a full off week, just some lighter lifting. Then I'll sit down and come up with some type of plan for my next training phase. Lately I've pretty much been winging it, with the exception of the plan for bench I've been following. I haven't weighed recently to know if my weight is back up, and I haven't been tracking. But I feel like a scrawny little twig, so I've gotta be consistent with keeping those calories up! Anyways....on to the workouts!
Changed things up a bit this week and did incline barbell bench press after regular bench. It was fun to do something differen…

Workouts and Tracking Update

Bench was super light on the program this week, but I did a few sets with a pause a couple inches off the chest, since that's my weakest point of the lift. Was able to go a little heavier on landmine presses finally! The decline tricep extensions were aboslutely killer. My triceps were shaking so bad on the last couple reps, so I had to keep dropping weight! I decided to do some farmer's walks since I had some time left and wasn't sure I was going to do any glutes since I was still sore from Saturday. But then I ended up doing some easy glute stuff anyway.I was sore for days from the rollouts!

1)Bench: 6x5 @ 60% (did a pause off the chest the last 3 sets)
+ wide grip pullups 4x5
2)Dumbbell chest press: 50x7/7/6/40x12
3)Landmine press: +20x8/+15x2x8/+12.5x10
4)Decline lying dumbbell extensions: 17.5x8/15x8/12x10
5)Pull-aparts: 4x20
6)Trap bar farmer's walks: 185x3x25 seconds
7a)Band clams 3x20
7b)Bench "froggies: 3x20
7c)Ab wheel rollouts: 2…

Friday Faves: Makeup Edition

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

 I thought I'd do a little something different today and talk about some of my favorite makeup products. I apologize to those who have no interest in makeup-you can just skip this one. ;)

Lately I have been obsessed with watching makeup tutorials. I don't know why, but they are just so addicting! I know I'll probably never get on their level, but I have gotten some product recommendations from them that I'm going to try. They also inspired me to finally update my makeup and get some new stuff, which I'll share with you today.

As you all know, I'm cheap, so I'm not about to spend a fortune on high end makeup products. I'm all about the drugstore! As far as my every day makeup routine, I use foundation, blush(and sometimes bronzer), sometimes concealer, and always eyeliner and mascara. Plus a little powder just so that I'm not shiny. On the weekends for church or going out or whatever, I use all the same products but with a litt…

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today, I was sitting in a hospital room with Matt as he told me that the doctors had found a tumor in his brain.

I remember being shocked and scared at first-that's definitely not something you expect to hear about your boyfriend at 20 years old. But I instantly turned to God and put it in His hands. I knew that it was beyond my control and all that I could do was trust in Him.

In the blink of an eye, Matt's wrestling career was over. In the blink of an eye, all his hard work up to that point, for nothing. In the blink of an eye, his dreams of becoming a WWE superstar came crashing down. But you know what? Through it all-the surgery, the radiation, the chemo, he never lost hope. He never lost his faith.

The thing is, God never promised us an easy life, a life free of troubles or problems, or a life with perfect health. But He does promise us that we don't have to go through anything alone. He is there every step of the way to comfort and strengthen us, and I h…

Workouts & Nutrition Update


This was a deload week for bench, so I just did accessory lifts. My shoulders and triceps were so fatigued by the time I got to the overhead presses that I had to go a lot lighter than usual. Ring pushups were so hard for me, and the tricep extensions on the TRX were killer. My triceps were still twitching when I got home as I was eating my post workout cereal! Shoulders and triceps were so sore after this one!

1)Barbell floor press: 85x8/90x8/90x8
2)DB chest press: flat-45x6/50x7/50x6/Incline-40x2x8
+ pullups x 4x5(wide)
3)1 arm overhead press: 35x6/30x8/25x2x8
4a)Ring pause pushups: 3x12
4b)Pull-aparts: 5x15
6)TRX overhead tricep extensions: 2x15
7a)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge: 4x15
7b)Band seated abductions: 4x20
8)Dragonfly: 2x8/Hanging leg raise: 2x8


Another workout that kicked my butt. Did all three sets of squats with 190, which all felt heavy and slow. Then a set of 5 and 8. After that I did deficit deadlifts again this week…

Three Things Thursday

Just for fun!
Three names I go by: 1. Lindsay 2. Linz 3. Lin
Three places I've worked: 1. Kentucky Kingdome(amusement park) 2. Kroger 3. Maxfit
Three places I have been: 1. Hawaii 2. Mexico 3. NYC
Three things I love to watch:
1. The Voice 2. NFL football 3. The Real Housewives
Three favorite drinks: 1. Water 2. Diet pepsi
3. Coffee
Three favorite books I've read this year:
1. Still Alice 2. Big Little Lies 3. The Storyteller

Three things I love to eat 1. Potatoes 2. Peanut butter 3. Cereal

Three things I don't love to eat: 1. Greek yogurt 2. Salmon/fish of any kind 3.Avocado

Three of my everyday essentials: 1. Chapstick

Workouts Of The Week

Bench finally felt a little heavy today. Landmine presses were still really hard. And by the time I got to dips my shoulders and triceps were done. I've realized I really don't like dips anymore! Finished up with some glutes and abs. 

1)Bench press: 65 % x 3x8 (95lbs)
(4x6 wide pullups between sets)
2)Dumbbell incline press: 35x8/45x8/45x7/40x8
3)Landmine press: +15x3x8/+10x10
4a)Dips: 2x10/Cable rope pushdown: 1x25(a few  rest pauses in there)
4b)Pull-aparts: 4x20
5a)Back extensions: 30x3x12
5b)Band clams: 3x20
6)Hanging leg raises:3x10/1x8

I don't know why, but this workout kicked my butt. I decided to switch it up for squats this week and do my heavy sets of 3s first and then 3x5 after that. Then I did deficit deadlifts(just using smaller plates). Leg press wasn't available, so I did Goblet squats, which I really hate but it's good to do things you don't like sometimes. I just don't feel I can go heavy enough to really wo…

Quote Of The Week

"We will look back on this decade shaking our head. We will wonder why we all got caught up on our first world problems of which superfoods are better and the eternal quest for nutrition perfection. 
Everyone reading this post has the basics for life - food, shelter and water, even enough money to pay for the darn internet. 
Yet people in this world are starving and in need of food...any food... and we still sit arguing over whether the gluten in a piece of multigrain toast is the devil or whether a banana contains too much fructose. Whether grains are evil, or dairy makes you inflamed.
The problem isn't any of these nutrients. The problem is we live in a time of privilege, with the world at our fingertips and because of this, we simply eat too much food, too often. That's the cause of our problems."
- The Nutrition Guru and The Chef