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Learn To Trust

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..."-Proverbs 3:5At church last weekend our pastor talked about trusting God. He pointed out how it's often during times of trials and testing that we learn to trust God. I can attest to this in my life, that's for sure. He read a list of things in his life that have taught him to trust and encouraged us to make our own. 

Here is mine:
•When you're dad is diagnosed with cancer when you're in high learn to trust God.

When your boyfriend finds out he has a brain learn to trust God.

When your dad dies at 52 years learn to trust God.

When your husband undergoes brain surgery, chemo, and learn to trust God.

When your sister turns to a lifestyle of drugs and you constantly worry that you may get a call that she's learn to trust God.

When your husband loses his learn to trust God.

When you almost lose you mom in a bad…

At Home Leg & Booty Workout

✴Happy Monday!✴

Today I have a leg and glute focused workout that you can do with just a set of dumbbells and a stability ball. I did this Saturday in place of my light leg day at the gym. It was just too beautiful to be inside, and I love having the option to workout at home when I want to.
Single leg squat to bench: 20lbs x3x12 each leg(Make sure to lower down slow and controlled-don't just plop down onto the chair. Also make sure that the knee stays tracking over the middle of your food.) Superset: dumbbell front squat: 25s x3x15(Rest the dumbbells on your shoulders, and make sure to keep your chest and elbows up but ribs down.) Stability ball leg curls: 6 on each leg, then 8-10 reps with both legs, 3 sets(The main thing on these is to keep those hips up and try to squeeze the butt!) Split stance RDL: 25s x3x12 each leg(On these you want to make sure you aren't reaching forward with the weights, but reaching those hips back. You should feel a good hamstring stretch in that front…

Five Things Friday

♥Happy Friday!♥ Thought I'd do a random "Five Things Friday" for y'all today.
I am super excited about these new protein cookies MuscleTech sent for me to sample. I had one after my workout Monday, and let me tell ya-they are aweSOME!   
Just finished this book(#10 of the year), and it was really good! I just love books, can you tell? 
I'm obsessed with these photos of Celeste my sister took. I got to see her last weekend, and she is just as cute as ever. She really doesn't like taking pictures though, so I cherish the ones we can get! I'm sure my sister had to bribe her for these. I'm hoping to see her more now that the weather is warmer!
Well, we booked a trip to Florida! 38 more days y'all, and my toes will be in the sand. I cannot wait.  
I'm loving this song right now! I really love Unspoken's music. This song is just so upbeat and has a great message. Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! After a somewhat stressful week dealing w…

New Training Plan & Thoughts

I know I've talked lately about how I've been in a weird place with my workouts and how I just really don't know what I want to do anymore. Well, I've decided that I'm going to take a break from powerlifting for a bit. 
My plan as of now is just to do a phase of purely hypertrophy/high rep, low weight training for 6-8 weeks with NO heavy lifts. I do believe that a mix of lower and higher reps is beneficial for building muscle, which is what I do right now, but I think that taking a break from anything super heavy is needed occasionally, not only to give the body a break, but for a mental break as well. 
Here is my plan for the next 6-8 weeks. I am not going to put too much into upper body training, as I'm not concerned about hypertrophy with that. For the lower body, I had fitness competitor friend write me up a plan for leg hypertrophy, so I'm really excited! UPPER BODY MONDAY UPPER BODY FRIDAY 1)Horizontal push- Incline DB chest press 3x8-10 1)Vertical row- Pul…

What I Ate & Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all! 
I thought I'd share my workout and eats with you today, since it's been a while since I've done that. Today was my heavy leg day,with reps in the 3-8 range.

1)Hang power cleans: 
These felt really good and speedy today!

2)Barbell squats: 
I decided to start doing squats on the heavy day and focus on leg press and lunges on the light leg day Saturday. They felt pretty good today, even though I haven't gone heavy on them in a while! Plus, after this program is over, I'm going to be doing a pure high rep hypertrophy phase, so I need to get the heavy stuff out of my system the next couple weeks!


I switched to sumo this week just to see how they would feel. Last week my deadlifts were awful. I really do think I like sumo deadlifts better, I just have to have patience that they will catch up to my conventional deadlifts eventually. The hex plates my gym just got are driving me…

God's Will For Your Life

Most people want to know what God's will is for their lives. They want to know exactly what career they should choose, or how many kids they should have, or who they should marry, or where they should live, and so on. Well, I believe that God's will for our lives is actually revealed to us right in His Word, the Bible. I know you're thinking, "Okay, really? It does? Well, I haven't seen it!"

Yeah, the Bible doesn't ever come right out and say, "Choose this career", or, "Have this many kids", but it does give us insight and guidance as to what God wants from our lives. And while I do believe that God sometimes leads us to certain things, relationships, careers, etc., I also believe that as long as we are obeying His Word and choosing to follow Him, we will be in line with His will. The specifics are not as important as us drawing close to Him and letting Him work through us in our daily lives.

See, sometimes there is not just ONE thing ou…

Weekend & Workouts

Happy Sunday!
We had such a beautiful day today here in Kentucky. I think we can pretty much officially say that we've made it through winter, thank the Lord. Now bring on the warmth and sunshine!
We didn't do anything exciting this weekend. We cooked a meal at home for our treat meal, went to church and then to watch my brother wrestle Saturday night. Then just soaked up the nice weather today!
I know Asher enjoys being outside just as much as his momma does. :) He's been feeling so much better lately, which makes me happy. Love my boys!  I just love seeing the flowers in bloom and all the buds on the trees.Makes me sooo happy!
I enjoyed sitting out on my front porch in the sunshine with my Easter devotional and a cup of coffee. It was glorious.
Now on to the workouts! Nothing crazy with training this week.

Honestly, I'm still in kind of a funk with workouts. It's weird. I just can't decide what I want to focus on, or how I should structure my workouts anymore…

These Photos Show That Scale Weight Means NOTHING.

There are still far too many women out there who are obsessed with the number on the scale. And the thing is, that number means nothing! If you look and feel good, then why does it matter what you weigh? What does that number tell you?

Being tied up on a number on the scale is only going to leave you frustrated and discouraged and can actually hinder your results.

Here's what many women don't get: weight loss is completely different than fat loss. When fat loss is the goal, it's about maintaining and building as much muscle as possible while losing body fat, which is called body recomposition. Basically, the focus is not on necessarily losing scale weight, but on changing the way your body looks by decreasing the fat and building muscle. Once you get this concept, everything changes. You will finally realize that obsessing over a number on a scale is pointless.

That's why it's so important to have other ways to track progress besides the scale. Because if you build m…

Quote of the Week

"At the end of the day, IT'S JUST WEIGHTS. Don't get me wrong: I freakin' love lifting and it's changed my life immensely. But being physically stronger doesn't make you a more superior human being. You know what makes you a good person? Having a kind heart. Doing good deeds. Being a positive influence on the lives of others.
NOT how many pounds you can squat. NOT how much you can pull off the floor.
There is more to life than lifting."

-Sohee Lee