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When That's Not The Way Your Story Goes

When I first met my husband in 2003, he was under contract with the WWE after just winning the MTV reality show, Tough Enough. He had moved down here from New York to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is where we met.
In 2005, he was just about to "make it" onto TV with the WWE when they found the tumor in his brain that ended up ending his career as a professional wrestler. It was a devastating thing for him. He had had such high hopes and dreams of becoming a WWE superstar and had worked so hard...and then suddenly all those hopes and dreams came crashing down.

I and everyone else saw the talent and charisma that Matt had in and out of the ring-he had that "it" factor, he had the work ethic, which is obviously why he won the show. He was also so strong and outspoken about his faith and wanted to be used by God so badly, and it seemed like wrestling would be such a great platform for him to do that. But that's not how his story would go...
After finding th…

When it Rains, it Pours

Well, it's just one thing after another with our poor doggy!

My mother in law woke up Sunday morning to Asher covered in blood. We thought maybe it was from licking his legs excessively and that's where it was coming from, but we also noticed that he was bleeding from the mouth every time he ate and drank. We decided to take him to the animal hospital, and come to find out he has a GI bleed as well as a cut under his tongue! They had to keep him for a few days, but he's okay!

In the last month, he's had a peri-anal fistula, then a twisted stomach a week later, and then another week later, this. I guess it's just park of getting old! I just hope he keeps pulling through all these things. I know he's not going to live forever, but for Matt's sake right now, I just don't want to lose him yet. He is our baby.

We got to go and take him home yesterday! I was glad to see that he was his normal, happy self! The house is just so quiet and weird without him there…

Quote of The Week

"Getting into shape isn’t something you, “do,” and when you scream to the world this is the year you will change your life, you will fail…. unless you understand getting into shape isn’t something that is done, but how you live.
Health is a journey, not a destination.
Resolution people fail, because they believe working out cancels out all the bad in their lives that led to getting out of shape.
You cannot out train a destructive lifestyle, and there is no known workout that can overcome too little sleep, too many beers, too much crap food and a lifestyle dedicated to a butt firmly planted to a couch 10-hours a day juggling electronic devices as your sole source of exercise.
Joining a gym, dropping by a few times a week, walking slowly on a treadmill, but changing nothing else in your life, is why most gyms should only be gyms during the first month of the year and then turn into bars for the next 11 months.
You join a gym with good intentions, but those intentions fade quickly if…

Training and Nutrition Update

✴Happy New Year! ✴

This has been one heck of a year, full of lots of ups... and lots of downs. I'm not going to say I'm excited for the new year and all that, because what I've come to learn is that you just never know what can happen in life, or what God has planned for you. You can hope and plan for the best, but God always knows better,so all you can really do is choose to make the best of whatever circumstance you find yourself in and just trust Him. I know His plans are for my ultimate good, even when it doesn't feel like it in the moment. My plan for the new year is just to keep on trusting.

I don't have any resolutions or goals for the New Year. I know, shocking, right? There's nothing wrong with that if it's your thing, but I feel like anytime I want to improve or change things in my life, I do it right then and there. I don't need a new year or a "fresh start". To me, every day is a fresh start.

Anyways, today I thought I would share wit…