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Woohoo, I'm going to New York City!!!!

My husband is from upstate New York, and every year we go there to visit his family. And every year, I ask him to take me to the city for a day. This year he finally said yes!! So I'm pretty excited. :)

We will only be there for a day, so I hope I can fit everything in that I wanna do and see! :) At least now I have something to look forward to! This winter weather is driving me crazy!! We had one day over the weekend in the SIXTIES!!! It was sooo nice. But then this week it's been back in the 30s. :(
But Spring will be here soon! I can't wait.


Happy Valentine's Day!!

My husband and I celebrated yesterday to avoid the crowds. We went to Cheddar's(our fave place to eat) and had the "Cookie Monster" for dessert! YUMMY!!!! We got it with no fudge or whipped cream, cuz it's just TOO much with all of that! It was wonderful. :)
This is what I came home to after work yesterday:Okay, here comes some mush: I love my husband SOOOO much! I am blessed to have him in my life. I don't know WHAT I'd do without him. He's my soulmate, my best friend, my companion; he is everything to me! He was the answer to my prayers, and everything I ever wanted in a man!!!!! I thank God for him every single day. He's the best. :)Oh-we're possibly going to get 6-9 inches of snow through tonight and tomorrow!! I can't believe all this snow we're getting!!!! It's crazy, but I kinda like it....??? Lol. Still, I'd rather have Spring just get here fast! But if it's gonna be cold, it might as well SN…

Snow Day AGAIN

Our 3rd snow of the year! This is a lot of snow for us! Normally we only have one big snow each winter. I enjoyed the day-my husband was off, so we got to spend the whole day together. We played in the snow with Asher, and attempted to build a huge snowman....but it was harder than we thought!! So we gave up, and I just made a little one!


So Monday is here....Man, the weekends really fly by! They never seemed to go by so fast before....They just come and go, and then it's Monday, and the countdown for the weekend is started once AGAIN....

But anyway, didn't do anything too exciting over the weekend. Just the normal grocery shopping and that kind of stuff on Saturday, then a movie that night. I did make some banana muffins that were DElicious!!!

Sunday my husband and I went to see my mom's new house and had dinner there with my brother and his girlfriend. We had spaghetti and garlic bread-yummy!!! I love my mom's spaghetti. Then of course, she had to make brownies, too, and I just couldn't resist! Oh well. ;)
I like her new house, but it's still sad to me that I'll be bringing my kids there one day...and not the place where I grew up.... :( But I'll get over it eventually, I guess.

So that's about it! Oh yeah-my husband was able to spot me again on my squats Saturday-I got 175lbs for 5 re…

The way things used to be...

Had a talk last night with my husband about how lately I've been getting these sad feelings every now and then, which is just out of the ordinary for me.....

Sometimes I'll be driving to work(that's usually when it happens), and I get this feeling of sadness. I just don't know WHY! I have no reason to be sad-I am so blessed and thankful for everything I have and for what God has done for me. SO thankful.

I just start getting nostalgic, I guess you could say...thinking about how much I miss being a kid...I mean, I had such a great childhood, and I miss those times so much! I miss when my family was "normal"(somewhat! lol), before my parents got divorced and then my dad much has changed recently, and sometimes I don't even feel like I have a family.

My little brother is 17, and all grown up now-he used to be my little buddy, and now it seems like he could care less to be around me at all! My sister, who was my best friend all my life, who I coul…