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And My Time Was...


That was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. It was horrible, and I wish I never had to do it again. Running is so NOT fun.

I can't believe I just ran for 30 minutes. (Well, I did walk a few times...but STILL!!)


Really?? Today's WOD is to run a 5K.

Me? Run? Um, yeah...This. is. going. to. suck.

I don't know if I should try to struggle through it and go for 3 miles, no matter how long it takes...or if I should aim for a mile or 2 since it's been, lets see...NEVER since I've ran 3 miles!!!

I mean, I haven't ran a mile since high school almost 8 years ago, and even though I was an athlete then, I HATED having to run the mile in P.E.! For one thing, I hated that my hair would get messed up. I hated that I would be sweaty the rest of the day and there was NO WAY I would take a shower in the school's locker room-EW. AND I just plain hated running! And still do.

So we'll see how it goes...Can't I just go lift some heavy weights? Stupid CrossFit.

Pumpkin Muffins and More

The weekend flew by AS always!

Sooo I went a little overboard with the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I made Saturday. Yeah, I may have had like 5 or 6 of them....or maybe,, more like 10? (Note to self: do NOT make such a huge batch of pumpkin muffins to sit there and tempt you all weekend. You have NO self control.) Next time, I will make only half the recipe!

We had dinner at Mom's house on Sunday. Yeah, so there was another cheat meal. I'm talking steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, cheesy broccoli, mac and cheese, rolls.....OH my.

Saw my brother and sister, who I've not seen in months. Every time I'm around them, I just realize how different I am from them...I just hope they grow up and mature a little, sooner rather than later. But what can you do? Oh well.

So I'm off to do today's WOD. I am going to kill it today! It's gonna be a tough one -10 rounds of 1 clean and jerk, 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats. I have never done a clean and jer…

I Feel Like a Wimp

So since starting CrossFit, I feel like such a wimp. (And I've only done 2 workouts!) I thought I was pretty strong doing my bodybuilding workouts...but I'm not really strong at all compared to CrossFitters, and definitely not as powerful.

I'm basically starting from scratch on many of the moves that CrossFit workouts include. I have to learn all the Olympic lifts that I've never done before, and also some gymnastics moves and kipping pullups.'s workout was a 1 rep max Thruster(basically a squat with an overhead press), 7 sets. This was the first time I've ever done them with weight, and man was I weak. I did 6 sets with 95lbs, the last set with 105. I feel like that is so wimpy. :(

But I am starting slow with this, and I know that my weights will increase pretty quickly(I HOPE!). I just have to be patient. I feel like a total beginner, and I hate not being good at something.


So today I did yesterday's CrossFit WOD (workout of the day), since I was sick yesterday. I scaled it back because I'm not gonna go into doing the prescribed workouts right off the bat. It was still really tough for me, and I came close to feeling like I was going to puke a couple times.

Here's what I did:

10 pullups(I can't do L pullups yet, so I did as many tuck pullups as I could in a row, then finished with jump pullups) Felt really weak on the pullups today for some reason.

15 knees to elbows

20 burpees

400 meter run

It took me 21 minutes, 55 seconds.

The hardest thing for me were the burpees and the run. I've never done 20 burpees in a row in my life!! I couldn't imagine doing the prescribed workout. I feel like a wimp for it being so hard for me to this workout, even scaled back like that!


So I'm thinking...maybe....that I'm going to start doing CrossFit!

I've been thinking about doing it for awhile now, but just couldn't commit. The two trainers I work with got certified and started doing CrossFit workouts and have been trying to get me to do it. I like the way I workout now...but I guess I'm going to give into the peer pressure!

But really, I like the fact that it's going to be a huge challenge for me and that I'll always have goals to work towards. Plus, if it'll make me look like those girls that do CrossFit, even better!!

There are so many things that I have to learn in order to do the workouts. It's going to be hard! I did one CrossFit workout, and it about killed me! But I'm up for the challenge.

So what is CrossFit? It's a strength and conditioning system that combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics. There are 10 fitness skills that CrossFit workouts aim to help you improve: cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina,…

Myths About Women

Love this article I came across:

Some myths about women and weight training from the article:

1. Weight training will make you huge and masculine.
2. Men Train. Women Tone.
3. There is a difference between toning, sculpting and firming.
4. Women should stick to machines and stay away from free weights.
5. Women shouldn’t work on their leg and butt muscles, otherwise they’ll get to big.
6. Weight training turns fat into muscle
7. Women should only lift light weights to not get “bulky”

Here are some more good ones from the article(these are true, NOT myths!):

-Your muscles cannot get longer without some rather radical orthopedic surgery.
-Muscles don’t get leaner ….. you do!
-There is no such thing as “firming & toning”. There is only stronger and weaker. (My fave!)
-The vast majority of women cannot get large, masculine muscles from weight training. If it were that easy, I would have them! (THAT is true for sure!!)
-Women who do look like me…

God Provides

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19

For the past couple of years, my husband and I have been working on getting back on our feet financially. Matt lost his job at the end of 2008. We decided right away that the smartest thing to do was to move out of our house and rent it out, which we did for about a year.

Thankfully, Matt quickly got a job working at a gym as the assistant manager and has been moving up in the company since then. He just recently got a huge promotion! This is definitely an answer to our prayers!

God has provided for us this whole time; we have lacked nothing, and we are so extremetly thankful and fortunate. We had some money saved to live on if needed and also had help from his parents, which was a huge blessing. God has opened so many doors for us, and I give Him all the praise!

We had our house up for sale for almost 2 years but never ended up getting it sold, so we recently decided to move …


Where did the weekend go?? This weekend went by faster it seems than most weekends do. I guess because we were going pretty much non-stop. Sometimes you need another day off just to recover from the weekend! I mean, weekends really should be three days. ;)

So we went to the U of L game Saturday. It was a beautiful day. Before the game I made the chili I was so excited to make. And of course the day I make chili it's 90 degrees outside for the next 5 days! Not really chili weather, but that's okay! It wasn't quite as good using the no salt and low sodium indgredients, but still yummy. I love love love chili. :) Here are some of my ingredients: And the final product:

And of course, you have to have peanut butter with chili! Why that is I don't know, but they just taste so good together!

After the game, we stopped at Culvers for a bite to eat for our cheat meal of the week. I split a pumpkin cheesecake concrete mixer with my husband, which was really good. But I'm not gon…

Who doesn't love October?

I feel like I've been gone for so long! Our internet was down for a couple of weeks, but now I'm back! :) I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

So I looove the month of October --who doesn't?? The humidity is finally gone, and it seems like the sun is always shining! Plus, all the fall festivities... and of course, PUMPKIN! As most everyone does, I LOVE pumpkin. I can't wait to start baking all my pumpkin treats!

I had my first taste of pumpkin over the weekend at Huber's. They have these amazingpumpkin donuts that I look forward to all year! They are just soooo good.

ANYway, I'm so glad it's Friday. The weather is going to be awesome this weekend-warm and sunny! It was cold last weekend at the pumpkin patch-I'm talking like 50 degrees!! Ugh. I was freezing my butt off! So it's nice to have the warm weather back, even if just for a few days. :)
Tomorrow we're going to a U of L game with my mom and her husband. I haven't been to a game i…