12 Fat Loss Tips

For sustainable fat loss, it’s important to take baby steps. You do NOT have to completely overhaul your entire diet in one day. In fact, you’re  most likely setting yourself up for failure if you try to change your eating habits in one day. Instead, focus on a few habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle, and let the results come slowly over time. You will have a much easier time maintaining your fat loss that way and in making it a lifestyle change, rather than just another quick fix diet. Here are some of my top tips to focus on if fat loss is your goal: *Don't snack mindlessly
Eat your structured meals and snacks, but eating between meals when you're not even really hungry is a quick way for extra calories to add up.

*Fill up on protein and vegetables
Protein and vegetables will help you to feel fuller longer, and when fat loss is the goal, you're going to need filling foods that are low in calories. Protein and veggies do the trick.

*Track your calories
You can …

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

14 years. 
14 years ago, to my dismay, Matt walked across Ohio Valley Wrestling’s parking lot, shook my hand, and introduced himself to me. He told me to stay and hang out after the show the following week, but of course, me, miss ‘always play hard to get’, left right after the show the next few weeks so that it wouldn’t look like I was just another wrestling fan girl. 
At the time, my sister was dating another wrestler who was friends with Matt and got him to go out to eat with us and a few other wrestlers after a show one night. Matt asked me if I wanted to ride with him in his Jeep…and this time, I hopped right in. He asked for my number that night...and the rest is history!

“A good marriage isn’t something you find; it’s something you make and you have to keep on making it.”  – Gary Thomas
“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” – Kiersten White “Walking with your hand in mine and mine in yours, that’s…

Back To a Routine

I've still been really enjoying my workouts lately. I'm not following a program, but I have been tracking my gym workouts on my phone just to keep track of weights and reps so that I can try to improve or do more in some way each week. 
I'm happy with my strength on squats and deadlifts....even though my weight has come down a few pounds somehow! It's crazy that I can lose weight without even trying(I know y'all are all like, 'oh, poor you.') But for someone who has has spent their whole life trying to get bigger, it's not cool. I think it was just the New York trip that got me outta my eating routine. It'll balance out.
But anyway, over the course of a few months, I worked up to 235 for 2 on deadlifts, which is a PR for conventional for me, and 200 or 205(not sure what the bar weighed!) for 3 on squats. Here are a couple of clips from a leg workout I did a few weeks ago: 
190 for 4 reps on squats
235 for 2 on deadlifts

So before everything that ha…

Things I'm Loving Lately

✴Happy Friday 13th! ✴ I thought I'd do a Friday faves round-up, since it's been a while! 
Here are some things I'm loving lately:
October.  I love Summer, but October is such a great month! It's so beautiful, the weather's cooler(sometimes), and there's pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice everything!
Strawberries All the strawberries I've bought lately have been sooo good!  I love having them with my eggs and toast for lunch.
Banana "milkshakes" MuscleTech's Banana bliss is my current fave protein powder. Blend it with some powdered peanut butter and almond milk, and it's like a drinking a banana milkshake! 
Pears I've been on a total pear kick lately. Definitely my favorite fruit right now!
Chicken sausage My rest day lunches always consist of either turkey or chicken sausage, and these are one of my favorite brands. They're really good in an omelette!
Ranch cauliflower This is a game changer, y'all.  Most of you know that I do NOT li…

7 Awesome Keto Recipes

While I don't advocate any particular "diet" for most people, and I am definitely #TeamCarbs, my husband has been following a keto diet for his brain tumor for the past couple of months now. I've been trying my best to make this an enjoyable thing for him, and so far he is actually liking it! He's only "cheated" once since he's started, and that was with pizza on our trip to New York. 
We try to keep his carbs under 50 grams a day, so that's basically no added carbs. He does eat strawberries or blueberries on workout days, but besides that his only carbs pretty much come from nuts and vegetables. During the week he mostly eats eggs, cottage cheese, ground turkey or beef, nuts, lots of oils, and whey protein. He actually hasn't lost any weight(a good thing) because we make sure that he is eating enough calories to maintain his weight. (FYI: if you think that a keto diet is magically going to make you lose weight, well, yeah, it probably will…

Things Cancer Is Teaching Me

Letting someone know that you are thinking of them via a card or text means a lot.
Now that I know how much it means when someone sends me a text or a card telling me they are thinking of me, this is something I want to be better at when someone I know is going through a hard time. It's easy to feel alone and to wonder if anyone  really even cares about what you're going through, so a card or a text is a much needed reminder that people DO care and that you're not alone.

Reach out and DO something.
Another thing I've learned is that it can be hard to ask for help. I don't know if I speak for everyone, but I feel bad asking for things from people or inconveniencing them in any way. But if  offered...we probably won't turn something down! I've learned that instead of asking how to help, it's better sometimes to just go ahead and do it. There is a lot of stress that comes along with cancer, so having one less thing to worry about is always going to be appreci…

My Favorite "Go to" Meals & Snacks

It took long time, but I'm at a point with my nutrition where it's not something I have to stress over or think too hard about anymore. When I first started eating healthier, I tracked my food and planned out meals and things like that, but now I have a routine down and putting meals together is second nature.

I keep things pretty simple. For each meal and snack, I usually have 20-30 grams of protein, some fat, and/or a carb source. A simple guideline to go by is for most meals to look something like this:

I prep chicken, turkey and beef at the beginning of the week for my protein sources, and also keep tuna packets, whey protein, protein bars, and Triple Zero Greek yogurts on hand for snacks or quick protein sources. For carbohydrates, I always have rice, potatoes, oats and fruits on hand. I don't eat a TON of veggies( I try, I try!), but I do always keep frozen veggies in the freezer to add to meals, and spinach to throw into my protein shakes.

I thought I would share my…