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Lift heavy. Rest. Repeat.

I don't know when the "thing" in fitness became to absolutely demolish yourself in the gym with circuit training and metabolic conditioning workouts. I see it all the time, even more so with women-they grab a light set of weights or medicine ball and proceed to do a non-stop circuit of exercises without any rests or challenging weights.

I guess with the rise and popularity of CrossFit, people think that keeping your heart rate elevated the whole workout and leaving the gym drenched in sweat in the best way to train these days. And while I don't believe this is necessarily a "bad" or wrong way to train, I just don't feel that it's the best or only way to train to get results.

You see, it is actually okay to BREATHE during your workouts.

You don't have to be afraid of resting a couple minutes between sets and letting your heart rate come down.

You don't HAVE to kill yourself in order to have an effective workout.

One of the best ways to transfo…

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