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Lovin' Fall Weather

After a week of rain, clouds, and dreariness, today we are having wonderful wonderful fall weather! Sunny, clear blue skies and 70! Pretty much perfect. Any colder is TOO cold for me. (Which it is gonna be tomorrow-in the mid 60s!!!! omg.)

Just been laying in the sun today(soaking up some rays before winter comes!). Later I have a client to train, then it's off to help with bootcamp. I'm still nervous doing the bootcamps! UGH. I hate it that I am such a nervous person in new situations!!! I guess it'll get better with time.


"Fear is like an auto immune disease. Your own beliefs attack your faith and fear eats your confidence. "
-Pauline Nordin


So I'm a pretty shy person...I've grown out of it quite a bit, and would now maybe call myself just quiet, instead of shy, but there are still times when I'm just plain shy! I mean, it was so bad when I was younger that I didn't talk for the first 4 years of elementary school! I literally DID not speak! Sometimes I would whisper to certain people, but that was it.

But thankfully, as I've grown older, I've basically been forced to become less and less shy, just through life experience. But there is still a trace of it in me... Anyone who has dealt with shyness, like me, will know that it's almost like a fear. It's a fear of meeting new people...a fear of new situations...a fear of speaking to people, thinking that I sound's a fear of many things and situations. I don't make friends easily because I can't be myself around new people, I don't go to any social gatherings where I know there will be a lot of people I don't know,…

It's a Journey

"Fitness is a journey, NOT a destination. It must be continued for the rest of your life!"

Woo hoo! I did it! :)

After about 2 years, I finally reached my goal of 10 pullups!


I don't understand how some people can have such dedication and determination....while others just don't! I mean, is it just something that you're born with?

I have always been very focused and hard working. I strive to be the best at everything I do. But my sister and brother are the exact opposite of me! Some people just don't have that dedication and never will-they are content with being average, I guess. They don't work very hard at things, don't follow through, and give up easily.

I just wonder if that's something that's a part of your personality....or if you can change and make yourself more that way????

Like with exercise....some people are really committed, work out hard every day, and they know that they have to do that for the rest of their lives. While other people are really motivated at first, but they don't stay committed for very long. They just want a quick fix, and aren't really willing to do what it takes to get result…