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Workouts February 20-25

Happy Sunday! Hope you all are having a great weekend!
Here are the workouts I did this past week. I'm going to stick with this heavy/light training plan for a couple more weeks, and then I'm going to change it up a bit. I've still been increasing my portions and adding calories, but I swear I have a case of the ever shrinking quads. It's crazy how stubborn my legs are. Oh well. I give up! Not really...I'll probably be 80 years old in the gym still trying to get bigger legs. Ha! 
TUESDAY UPPER BODY LIGHT I wasn't feeling like working out on this day, so I did my light upper body day instead of my heavy day. I will probably just keep it like this for the next couple weeks.
 1a)Landmine press: 10/7/8/8 1b)Pullups, neutral grip: 3x8 2a)DB chest press: 10/8/8/10 2b)Cable rows: 3x12 3a)Lateral raise: 3x10 3b)TRX reverse flyes: 3x12 4a)TRX bicep curls: 3x12 4b)Tricep pushdowns: 3x12-15
WEDNESDAY LOWER BODY HEAVY Deadlifts felt a lot heavier than I thought they should...…

February "Currently"

Currently I'm...
Thinking about... How I can't believe February is almost over! January seemed like it draaaagged by, but it was like I blinked and February was gone. I'm so excited for March! Even though we have had a pretty warm weather and only one dusting of snowfall this winter, I'm sooo looking forward to Spring and warmer weather, especially with the last few days being in the 70s here in Kentucky. It's amazing. I'm just hoping winter isn't going to hit us in March...I'm praying that won't happen!
Doing... We celebrated a late Valentine's day this past weekend by going out to dinner and then to watch the Broadway play, The Little Mermaid. I absolutely LOVED it! It's fun getting all fancied up for a date. :)  This was always my absolute favorite Disney movie growing up. I would so watch the play again!
Wearing.... False lashes! I'm not one of those girls who wears lashes like every single day, but I have always at least wanted to be a…

Replace Worry With Worship

I lost a cousin this week unexpectedly. He was only 7 years old. In addition to that, these last few months we've been dealing with Asher's health issues, as well as some health issues that Matt is having due to his radiation treatments years ago. It's been a little rough the past couple of months, and it just seems to be one thing after another. I've been more anxious and stressed than usual and even a little discouraged this last month or so.

But despite my feelings that are ever changing and untrustworthy, I keep my mind and my eyes on what I know IS true-that I serve an amazing, faithful, loving, trustworthy, GOOD God.

So many people these days are completely consumed by worry and anxiety and fear.

We all have times in our lives when our stress and anxiety levels will be high. Maybe it's a current situation that is happening in your life that you have no control over. Maybe it's starting a new job, or someone in your family facing an illness. It's a norma…

Workouts February 6-11

We finally had some warmer weather this weekend and spent some much needed time outside.
I'm so beyond ready for Spring to get here. This lack of sunshine is messing with my brain.

So anyways, as far as workouts go, I'm sticking with the upper/lower heavy and hypertrophy days. I like having a heavy day and then a just a "pump" day later in the week. I've been changing up the hypertrophy days a bit each week just to keep things fun. Sometimes I get bored following a program, so this way I get the best of both worlds.

This month I'm doing 4x4 for my main lifts on the heavy days except for the deadlifts since I'm following program for those. Lighter days are 8-15 reps. I am also switching up some of the exercises this month-T-bar rows instead of Pendlay rows and Bulgarian split squats instead of step ups.

1)Bench press: 115x4x4
2)Narrow neutral grip pullups: 22.5x3x5
3a)T-bar row: 70x6/6/5/5
3b)Push press: 105x4x4
4)Dips: 25x2x8

So True.


Trying to Help Our Baby Feel Better

Our sweet fur child is getting old, and it sucks.

When you first get a puppy, you don't think 10 years ahead to when you have to watch them suffer as they get older.  It's not fun. I find myself sometimes thinking about the day when he won't be with us anymore, and it just breaks my heart. I know some of you won't get it, but to us, he's more than "just a dog". He is our child!

In the past year or so, we started to see some of the first signs of old age. Asher has always been a pretty hyper and playful dog, but he started moving a little slower, was more hesitant about going up the stairs, and couldn't jump up on the beds anymore. All normal things that happen with old age. We figured he had arthritis in his knees from tearing his ACL a few  years back, but I didn't even think about it being in his spine as well, which I guess is a common thing in older dogs.

He never really acted like he was in pain until one night around Thanksgiving. He was pac…

Weekend Wrap Up & Workouts of The Week

Happy Monday! This weekend was crammed packed and flew by!

Celeste came to spend the night we me after church Saturday night. I haven't seen her since Christmas, so I was so excited!

Last time her thing was hide and seek, then it was playing police, and now she is into dressing up! So pretty much all we did was play dress up pretty much all night. She called it being "different girls". I had some wigs from Halloween costumes that she just loved.
She is such a beauty! Sunday we went to the Newport Aquarium with Mindy and her boyfriend and his kids. We snapped some pics outside with the view of Cincinatti across the river. 
Then of course, Matt and I got pizza for the Superbowl...because that's just a thing. I got chicken, mushrooms and black olives on mine, and it was sooooo yummy! 
Workouts last week were pretty good. Nothing crazy. Slowly working up on weight on most things. I ended up doing heavy squats on Wednesday since it was an off week for deadlifts. Then Satu…

You DON'T Have To Always Have A Plan

"Fail to plan, plan to fail." 

We've all heard this quote. It's a big one in the fitness world, and I've used it myself plenty of times. Because for the most part, it's true. When it comes to training and especially nutrition, having a plan is crucial. I mean, all the fitness "pros" out there plan out their meals and prep their food ahead of time, and then portion it all out into individual tupperware containers, so that must be the only way to succeed, right?

Well, not necessarily.

I am a huge fan of planning. Planning out workouts, planning out meals, and prepping food for the week ahead are all great habits to develop. I do it myself, and it helps me tremendously.

But what about if you DON'T have a plan? What happens when you don't have all your meals pre-cooked and portioned out?  I was just thinking the other day about how the average person getting started with eating healthier may view "food prep". To them, it may be overwhe…