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The First Year of Widowhood

As I'm approaching the year mark of my husband's death, I thought I'd share just a few of my thoughts about my first year of widowhood.

It gets worse before it gets better. It was extremely hard the first few months after Matt died, but most of the time I felt like I was actually doing okay, all things considered. Definitely better than I thought I would be doing. I was getting up, going to work, going to the gym, eating healthy, and not doing anything destructive or laying in bed all day. Yes, I cried almost every day, but that's normal. That's healthy. Crying is a release.

But over time, I started feeling like I was going backwards.Everyone kept telling me that time heals...but I missed my husband more at the 6-12 month mark than ever. Maybe it was because the dust had settled and that was when the reality of it really started to sink in. 6 months passed, the dreary days of winter came, and then the first holidays without him...and that was hard. Some days I just…

Words of Wisdom

These are a collection of quotes from Matt that I took from his various interviews and Facebook posts through the years. When I read these through after putting them all together in one place, I teared up, because it was like Matt was speaking to me, helping me  get through this.

Thank you, Matt. Thank you being who you were, for being so strong-strong in your faith and for being such an inspiration and example to us all. 

"Being a follower of Jesus does not exempt me from facing extreme difficulties in life, but He does promise me peace during those trials. My strength is not found in myself, but only in the one who has already overcome. John 16:33 says “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  “You’re not defined by your struggles, you should be defined by how you react in the face of your struggles. It’s more about what you do with your situation, rather than what your situat…