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Happy Oaks and Derby!

Happy Oaks day!

I've never really gotten into Oaks or Derby that much, but it is a fun time to live in Louisville with all the events that go on around this time of year. It's a beautiful day for the Oaks! Going to be about 85 and sunny! :) Too bad tomorrow we're supposed to be getting a LOT of rain for the Derby. Well, I am not sure how my progress is going with my 6 pack goal-don't feel like anything has changed yet....I'm going to cut back on fruits and dairy as it gets closer to Florida and also increase my cardio. Right now I'm still only doing 2 days of intervals for about 15 minutes, and 3 or 4 days of heavy weight training. Guess if I don't see any results soon I'll just be eating a lot of chicken, eggs and broccoli! Tomorrow is my cheat meal, and I can't wait! I've been thinking Cinnabon........

Just venting!

Just a few things I wanted to rant and rave about! ;)

First off, I always think it's funny when I ask a client after a set how the weight felt, and they say,"Well, it's kind of heavy." I say, "Okay. Good. It's supposed to be!" As long as your form is good, lifting weights isn't supposed to be easy!! I mean, I have to grunt and strain and make funny faces to get those weights up! Stop lifting those 5lb weights, women! It does nothing for you, unless you're 80 years old or something.

Then today I had a woman tell me that she didn't care about toning up-she just wants to be skinny. So she was doing 20 to 30 reps per set for her exercises because that's what some trainer told her to do. So I'm thinking in my head, 'so you don't care if you're still flabby and saggy, as long as you're skinny??' If you don't build muscle and your focus is only on losing weight, you will just be a skinnier version of your flabby

Cheat Meal?

MMMM...this is what I've been craving!!!!!!!!! This may have to be my next "treat" meal! :)
I'm thinking that I'm going to have a cheat meal every other week instead of every week....Some people say it's good to have a cheat meal, some say it's not....I dunno....But it helps me stay on track and eat really good throughout the week! I just need something "bad" every now and then to keep me sane....I think on my non cheat weeks I'll have some organic mac and cheese or something to get me through the next week! Something that I don't normally eat, but that's not SO so bad.....???
Anyway, I did some cardio today. 20:10 tabata intervals on the stair stepper, which was really tough! I made sure to take looonnng strides and step fast. After that I did a few 30 seconds sprints on the treadmill at around 10.5 to 11 mph, with a 60 second recovery. I'm trying to start slow since I haven't done any cardio since fall, but it's so hard

My Quest for a 6 Pack

I have always wanted a 6 pack! I mean, who doesn't??? Back when I was in middle school, I would do 100s of crunches everysingle day, in hopes to maybe one day have a 6 pack! Too bad I had NO clue what I was doing and no idea how to get a 6 pack! 100s of crunches a day along with horrible eating was NOT the way to go!

Now I know that the only way to get ripped abs is to have extremely low body fat. A super clean diet is really the only way to get a 6 pack.

Soooo....I have made it my goal for the next couple months to see if I can get a little leaner and really get my abs to show! I just want to see if I can do it, since I've never really tried to lose body fat. Going to Florida in May will give me a little extra motivation!
I've never liked the way I look in a bikini, mainly because of my stomach! :( That is where I hold most of my fat. You could look at me and think I don't have any fat on me at all....but that's just because what fat I do have is all in my love han…

Bernheim Forest

Yesterday was beautiful-sunny and 75 degrees. Perfect!! We decided to go to Bernheim Forest with Asher to enjoy the nice weather!


Today has been 4 years since my Dad passed away. :( I miss him so so so much! Things just aren't the same without him. Just thought I'd share some memories/things I miss about him!

I miss his smile and his laugh...He could always make me laugh!

I miss hearing him sing and play the guitar...the last time I heard him sing was Thanksgiving 2005, a few months before he died. He was always so insecure about singing, but he had a beautiful voice. He used to sing and play the guitar to my sister and me all the time when we were little; it's one of my favorite memories.

I miss his Saturday morning breakfasts! He'd always get up early and make a BIG breakfast for us-eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy...his biscuits and gravy were my absolute favorite! Man, I miss that!

I miss practicing my pitching with him. He was basically my pitching coach, and the one who made me as good as I was! He pushed me hard and made me practice even when I didn't feel like it. We spent…