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Workouts Of The Week-New Program

Happy Monday!

Went on a little family road trip over the weekend to Cave City. We grew up going here every year, so it's very nostalgic for us.

Then had a yummy quesadilla and ice cream for dinner! Didn't take a picture of my ice cream because I scarfed it down in 5 seconds.
Sunday was just a relaxing pool day. It was such a gorgeous weekend with much lower humidity, which is always nice! 
So last Monday I started my new program, written by my powerlifting coach, and I really like it so far! Here's what I did:

Monday Upper + Glutes
This workout is a hypertrophy/accessory day, whatever you wanna call it. I changed around the order of days just because there are certain things at my gym that I have access to on certain days and not others.
So I discovered in this workout that I hate barbell glute bridges. I just couldn't get them to feel right...but maybe it's just because I haven't done them in so long. I may swap something out for them. I also discovered that I …

Thursday Thoughts-Back to "Me"!

I had an epiphany. Well, okay, so it's nothing ground breaking, really, it's just I came to a realization, and now feel like I know what direction to take with my training.
So ya'll know that a few months back I came to a standstill in my training. I just felt lost with no set goals, and I was not even able to plan out my own workouts anymore because I would just doubt and second-guess myself.

I decided at that point to just take a break from heavy lifting and focus more on bodybuilding and hypertrophy. I had someone write me up a leg program to follow, since that's what I wanted to focus on, and that's what I've been doing for the past 3 or so months. I've been mostly doing a push and pull day for upper body and a quad and hamstring day for lower body, with reps in the 10-15 range.
Like I said in a previous post, I did enjoy the challenge, and it was fun to try something different...but what I learned during these last few months is that for me, physical …

Workouts of the Week

Happy Sunday!
Well, I finally went to the chiropractor last week, and he seems to think my back issue is stemming from my shoulder. He adjusted me and did some Active Release Therapy on my shoulder and then dry needling on my back. I was NOT prepared for the dry needling...I am not a fan of needles at all! But I was up for whatever needed to be done. It was not really painful...just weird? I guess more so a mental thing for me. I just hope this will give me some long term relief! Have any of you tried dry needling?
I met up with my sister and Celeste at the park Tuesday because it was such a beautiful day! We played at the playground and then walked in the creek. Love seeing her!

Last weekend we went to Chick-Fil-A(yes, again!!), then to Cold Stone for dessert. I forgot how much I love the Strawberry Blonde creation. It sooo hit the spot on a hot summer day, and I can't wait to have it again! Because life is too short to only eat fro yo, y'all. 😂
So as far as my workouts go, …

Leaner is Not ALWAYS Better

Is leaner always better?

The fitness world would make you think so.

Scroll through Instagram on Tuesdays for all the transformation Tuesday photos and you sure would think so.

According to Instagram before and after photos, you can't be happy with a little extra body fat. You should have 6 pack abs. You should constantly pick yourself apart and hate your "flaws" and strive for the perfect body. You can't be"fit" unless you don't have an ounce of bodyfat, right? 6 pack abs are always the ultimate goal. Because leaner is ALWAYS better, right?

Well, I'm here to tell you, NO-sometimes leaner is NOT better.

What do I mean by that? Well, let me first say, there is nothing wrong with physical transformations, or losing weight, or fat loss. Getting leaner for many people is great when it comes as a result of changing your lifestyle from one that was unhealthy to a healthier way of living. I'm ALL for that. 

But what about when you're already healthy,…