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Make the Mind Run the Body

"If you're going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up."
-George S. Patton

(I definitely was thinking of this today as I was running in between sets of deadlifts. Running is torture to me! My body really wanted to stop or slow down,but I forced myself to keep going!)

Salmon Sunday

Another beautiful day! Sunny and almost 50 degrees! It was nice to take Asher out on a walk this morning and not freeze to death.

But it's just a tease-it's supposed to be back in the 30s later this week. :( I just gotta make it through February and then warm weather will be right around the corner!

We had a great meal yesterday at Bob Evans. I had eggs, turkey sausage, home fries, biscuits, and a big plate of mulitgrain pancakes! Then dessert:

Today is "salmon Sunday"-every Sunday my husband and me have salmon patties for lunch, and I SO look forward to that meal! It feels like I'm eating something bad, even though they're really healthy. All we do is use canned salmon, an egg, about a cup of ground up oats(I use the Magic Bullet), a little ground flaxseed, onion and garlic powder and pepper-just form into patties and fry on a skillet with oil so that they're nice and crunchy on the outside. So yummy. I like to eat them with ketchup!

Inside My Head

Time for a random thoughts post:

*How I've missed the sun! It makes me feel sogood
*This week went by fast!
*Glad it's Friday:)
*I love my husband so freakin' much!
*Sweet potato fries are DElish
*Why does everything taste better with ketchup?
*Can't wait for my cheat meal tomorrow at Bob Evans.
*I am ready to pig OUT
*Breakfast food is my favorite
*I miss my Dad's biscuits and gravy-it was the best!
*Can't wait for our cabin get away in the Smokies
*Can March please get here soon???
*Ouch my biceps hurt-100 pullups will do that I guess
*I wonder what my workout tomorrow is going to be??
*I like purple nail polish :)
*Just wish my nails would grow

It's Just Food!

I don't want my life to be controlled by food or about the way I look. That's why I have a problem with the Paleo and The Zone diets that are big with CrossFitters. I don't think there's anything WRONG with them, but it's just not for me!

I don't WANT to be on a diet. I just want to open up the fridge when I'm hungry, grab something, and eat it!

I don't want to constantly think about how many carbs, fat and protein are in a food, and I don't want to have to weigh and measure every little thing I put into my body. I just want to eat!

And I want to enjoy the food I eat. There are many things in my diet that I don't like at all, but I eat them regularly anyway because I know it's good for me. I don't like broccoli or salads; I can tolerate cauliflower, sweet potatoes and asparagus...but I would NOT eat any of those foods by choice, and I don't particularly enjoy eating them. I just force it down. But I do want to enjoy some of the things I…

Snow Day Photoshoot

We woke up to more snow this morning! I am so beyond ready for Spring. But hey, if it's gonna be cold, I guess it might as well snow! It sure is pretty, but I really HATE driving in it, and Kentucky never does a good job at clearing the roads!

Asher loves playing in the snow, so I took him out to play some fetch, and of course, I had to get some pictures! He's just looks so cute up against the snow background!

Jack Lalanne quotes

This guy was just awesome! He definitely knew what he was talking about!

"If man made it, don't eat it."

"How do you build up your bank account? By putting something in it everyday.Your health account is no different. What I do today, I am wearing tomorrow. If I put inferior foods in my body today, I’m going to be inferior tomorrow, it’s that simple."

“Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it’s never too late.”

“It’s a lifestyle, it’s something you do the rest of your life – How long are you going to keep breathing? How long do you keep eating? You just do it.”

"You have got to take care of the most important person in the world, YOU! For many of these guys, the only things they think about is making money, money, money and business stuff, and they forget about their body. Without their body, they are nothing."

"That is the beautiful part about weights: even if you are 100 year old, you can lift something. Maybe it's only a half a pound or a poun…

Donuts, Babies and Running

Can't the weekends pleeeeeeease go by SLOWER????

So this weekend we had our cheat meal at Krispy Kreme!! SOOO good, but I ate way too many! Here's what was left of a dozen donuts:
The sad thing is I ate just as many as my husband, and he's twice my size! Maybe next time we shouldn't get a whole dozen. One day I'll learn...Sunday we went and visited my cousin in the hospital who just had a baby! He is just sooo adorable. Here's me with little baby Landen:Of course, every time I post pics of me holding a baby to Facebook everyone says, "It's your turn now!" or "When are you and Matt gonna have one?" I am just NOT ready for that at all. I keep telling myself maybe in a few years I'll be ready or I'll want to have a baby, but I just don't know if I'll ever want to have one! Maybe my need or desire to have a child will kick in one day, but it's not there yet! There are times when I think that it would be fun to have a kid, b…

What Really Matters

In the end, it's not going to matter what our house looked like, what kind of car we drove, what kind of clothes we wore, how stong we were, how much muscle we had or how good(or NOT good!)we were at CrossFit!

This is what I felt God speaking to me in church the other day...

It's so easy to get caught up with the things of this world, to worry about things that just don't really matter. I love these lyrics in the song "All the Pretty Things" by Tenth Avenue North:

Look at all the pretty things
That steal my heart away
I can feel I'm fading
'Cause Lord I love so many things
That keep me from Your fa

I have been getting consumed with CrossFit lately; it's been all I think about! But I really have to make sure that I DON'T put exercise and food before God. He has to be number ONE. I am passionate about health and fitness-I love it. BUT I should have that same passion for God and for sharing my faith.

What's really going to matter in the end is what we d…

Monday Ramblings

Well, I had a nice weekend...but it went by too fast as always. We had our cheat meal for the week at Chili's-I had chicken fingers and mashed potatoes with gravy(SO good!!) and then a big, yummy dessert!!

Yesterday I maxed out on squats, shoulder presses and deadlifts. I got 205 on squats, which I wasn't happy about because that's what I got last time, and I wanted to beat it! Same on shoulder presses-I got 90lbs, which was what I got last time I maxed out on them. Deadlifts I got 205, and it was the first time I've done a 1 rep max on those, so nothing compare to on that one.

So I am SO tired of this cold, dreary weather. I can't wait for Spring to come! It's been a COLD winter this year.

I'm thinking about planning a little trip for my husband and me for our anniversary coming up in March...not sure where to go, though....but it'll make the winter a little easier to get through if I can have something to look forward to at least! A beach trip would be n…

Random Thought

I would never be a fitness competitor.

For one thing, I HATE dieting and would never want to, and I think it's stupid to diet for a show for a couple of months and then go back to eating fast food every day and put on 30lbs in the "off season".

I know not all fitness competitors do this, but many do. It's not healthy to be at such a low bodyfat for a long period of time, I understand that. There's nothing wrong with fluctuating 5-10 lbs, but yo-yo dieting and gaining and then losing 20-30lbs isn't healthy.

BUT that's just my opinion....

I'm Not Good at This!

I'm used to being the best. When I played softball, I was the fastest on the team. I was one of the best pitchers in our district. I was a straight A student in highschool. I was always the only girl in the gym lifting heavy-I liked showing the other girls(and sometimes the guys) up. I was good at "bodybuilding".

But CrossFit....I'm not so good at. This is a new feeling for me, and I don't like it.

I really want to be good at this. Right now, I suck. My conditioning is horrible. But I guess that's what years of bodybuilding with NO cardio does for ya!

I want to be able to breathe easier during a WOD...I want to be able to go through the workout without stopping, but I just physically can't...I want to be able to do all of the exercises at the prescribed weight unbroken, but most of the time I can't.

But one day, I will.

For now, I'll keep pushing harder and harder each workout. I won't quit or give up. I'll push through the pain, try to…

How Much Weight to Lift?

I just thought I'd post a tip for those out there who may be new to weight training. How do you know when you should increase the weight you are lifting on a certain exercise?

While it is important not to over do it in the beginning and to start with light weight, most women never use a weight that is challenging enough. Using the same weight and the same amount of repetitions over and over again will not get you anything.

If you are just beginning a weight training program, I think it's best to stay between 8-12 repetitions. At first you may have to experiment to see what weight you need to use for a given exercise. Pick a weight and do 12 repetitions-if that's too easy and you feel like could have done more reps, then you know you need to go heavier on the next set.

However, if it's so heavy that you lose good form, or if you can't complete at least 8 repetitions, the weight is too heavy. You do want to make sure that the last couple of reps in the set are hard …

Keys to Success

Planning and preparation are KEY in being successful at losing weight or bodyfat, or even just maintaining(like me). I make sure to take about an hour one or two days out of the week to cook up meat and to slice up veggies for my meals throughout the week.

I am all about convenience. No one wants to have to cook meals all day! Especially me-I HATE cooking! When I have everything in the fridge readily available, like meat and chopped veggies, I am less tempted to eat something bad. I usually cook up chicken breasts, lean ground beef, and turkey burgers. Sometimes some hard boiled eggs for snacks. Then I chop up a bunch of fresh broccoli, cauliflower and romaine lettuce.

Also, I don't keep ANYthing bad in my house. Nothing. If it's there, and I'm having a weak moment or craving something bad, I will eat it! I'm human. If it's not there, I can't eat it! It's that simple. Set yourself up for success!!

CrossFit:My Experience

About 3 months ago, I started CrossFit. Reluctantly and hesitantly, I gave up the bodybuilding workouts that I had done for years and started to follow along with the WOD (Workout of the Day) posted on the CrossFit website.

I say reluctantly because while there some things that I liked about CrossFit, there were also many reasons why I just wasn’t completely sold on it. To me, it seemed like too much “cardio”. I didn’t want to get any leaner; all I cared about was building muscle! I debated within myself (and with my co-workers who had already started doing CrossFit) for months about whether or not I should do it.

I had been lifting weights for over 12 years, and I really enjoyed what I was doing. I was comfortable with it and content with my "bodybuilding" style workouts. I’d gotten great results over the years. I had gained lots of muscle and was proud of how strong I was. I saw no reason to do CrossFit if what I was doing was working. I was stubborn and set in my ways!

It wa…
Fran was horrible.

My time was horrible.(9:44)

But one day I will defeat her.


So today's WOD is the dreaded 'Fran' workout!

"Fran"= 21-15-9 reps of 65lb thruster and pullups

Watch Camille blast through Fran in 2:29. http//

THAT is crazy! I'll be lucky if I get it under 10 minutes!!!! I've been avoiding this workout, but now it's time! I'm nervous... I wanted to get my kipping pullups down before I did it because I know the pullups are really going to slow down my time.But, oh well- it's my first time, and it's just another workout! I can do this!
Here are some awesome inspirational pics of CrossFit women. How did I ever not want to do CrossFit when the women look like this???


I don't make New year's resolutions, BUT I did want to set some goals for myself to accomplish in 2011.

Well, I already got my first goal of getting a muscle up! That's a great way to start out the new year!! :) It felt so good!!! Makes me excited for what else I can achieve!

Here are more of my goals:

*3 muscle ups in a row
*Unassisted freestanding handstand
*20 kipping pullups in a row
*5 full range of motion handstand pushups
*225lb squat
*Twice bodyweight deadlift (240lb)
*100 lb press

Some of these goals I might get this month, some may take me the whole year to achieve! But I'm determined to accomplish all of them this year.

I think it's really important to set goals. For me, it keeps me motivated by having something to work towards. And it's an awesome feeling when you reach a goal, to know that all of your hard work has paid off!

I Did It!

I got my first muscle up today! I was SOO happy(could you tell?)! Next goal is to be able to string together 2 in a row.