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Missing My Soft Place to Land

Well, 5 months has come and gone. Things are about the same. There are some days where I still feel this nauseous feeling in my stomach, or if it's not that, it's more of a panicky/anxious feeling in my chest. I still feel "weird", but the weirdness I guess is something I'm getting more used to feeling. I'm always going to feel weird when half of my soul is in another place...

The thing that has been the hardest the last couple weeks is not having that person whose arms you could fall into, that one person who you could just let go and let it out and not be strong with. The one person who would just hold you and let you cry it out. The one person you didn't have to put up a front with.

It gets tiring always holding it in, not having that safe place to land, not having someone to comfort you on the hard days, someone to just sit beside you and hold your hand, someone to ask about your day, someone to actually care about the pain you feel inside. I'm no…
The nights are so lonely The days are so dull Without your big smile To make my heart full
The world is so different  Without you here I have all the memories But I still want you near
There's a void in my heart That can never be filled A gaping hole That may never be healed
You were my safe place You were my everything With you by my side Life was so amazing
I try to be happy But this just isn't right