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I Feel These Quotes to my Core

Because sometimes others can put into words how you feel much better than you can yourself...

2019 and Life Lately

With summer ending and a new season beginning, I've found myself reflecting on this past year and all the things I've done. I was in a very low place during the holidays last year and the start of the new year...that 6-8 month mark was probably the worst I've felt in this whole grieving thing. It was winter, which is always awful for me, and it was the first holidays without Matt. I was still grieving hard and was super lonely.

Thanks to my best friend for letting me come crash her date nights and have sleepovers with her and the kids, I got through those months...and then in February, I met my current boyfriend. Things started getting a little better then, having someone to do things with and text with every day. I started looking forward to life again, instead of just going through the motions.

Although I was dreading 2019, with it being a whole new year without my husband, I've actually had a lot of really fun times this year. Yes, it's been a struggle. Yes, it&…