Ice Storm 2009

Well, it is now day 4 of having no electricity!! I'm at the library, once again-at least it's warm here! The temperature in our house hit a new record low: 38 degrees! Oh my gosh, it's so cold!! But fortunately, tomorrow is going to be 47 degrees, so it won't be as cold, and most of the snow should melt. I have heard that we may be getting more snow, though, on Monday! As long as there is no ice with it!

Basically, my husband and I have just been going to the gym and the library to stay warm...then when we're at home, we are right in front of the fireplace. I checked out a bunch of books at the library the other day, so that keeps me busy. I am fine as long as I have my face in a book! I've already read a whole book in just a day and a half! There's not really much else to to...

Today I did have to train a couple of people at the gym...then it was leg day for me!! I hate hate hate hate hate hate leg day!!!! I have really skinny chicken legs, so I have to train legs hard and heavy, and it sucks! I was kind of week today, though-could only get 6 reps with 155 pounds on my squats. But that's okay cuz I did some walking lunges with 50 lbs before I squatted. But I do think that my legs have gotten a little bigger since I've been training them heavy. At least I hope so!! Why can't I just be like most women, and have bigger thighs and hips? I am shaped like a boy-NO hips, skinny legs, and a bigger upper body and midsection....ugh. Oh well.

Anyway...I guess there's not much else for me to write about....I am bored out of my mind...can't wait to have power back and be able to watch all my shows on tv! And to be able to fix my hair!!! My hair is very high maintenance...I HAVE to have a blowdrier in order for my hair to look decent. So I've been wearing a hat every day, and feel like I look like crap! This sucks...But I just gotta deal with it!!


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