Random thoughts at the moment:
*I wish Matt were here. I hate not seeing him much anymore.
*I'm glad the sun was out today-just wish it was warmer.
*I hate winter.
*I am in desperate need of a tan.
*If I lived in Florida, I could tan everyday! I would never be pale.
*I'm kind of sad, but trying not to be.
*Winter makes me depressed..
*Kinda sucks to have to move AGAIN.
*I just want to go to Florida. I need the beach.
*Wish my brother would go to church with me sometime.
*I need more friends. But I don't make them easily. :(
*Don't know what to have for dinner tonight....eggs again?
*I am so bored...and have nothing else to say, really.
*I don't feel like going to work tomorrow.
*This is boring.


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