Today we started packing up some of our stuff...and it finally hit me that we are really moving out of our house. When we bought this place in 2007, I really thought that we would be here for a long time. It really felt like home, and I loved it. Recently, my husband lost his job with the WWE, and we decided to rent our house out and stay with a friend who lives nearby. We could stay here if we wanted to, but we thought that this was a good way to save some money.

At first I was like, it's okay, it's just a house...we can always find another. I still think that, but now I am a little sad that we're having to pack up and leave when we just so recently made this our home. We can always move back later if we want to, or we might stay here in KY for a little while so that my husband can find a job and then move to Florida in a year or two, like we've always wanted to.

I just get sad thinking about leaving this house that I loved so much...I just have to keep telling myself that this is just temporary, and one day I'll find a house that I can live in for the rest of my life! This is just one of those times when Ihave to trust in God and rely on Him more than anything else. He is my true joy, and I know that material things are not what brings happiness. If I have Him in my life, that is all that matters! Job lost everything he had, but because of his faith in God, he got twice as much back as he lost!

I will continue to praise and thank God for everything I have.


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