Sometimes I really wish I was a kid again....I had such a great childhood. Looking back, I can just remember how much fun I had, and I really think that it was the best time of my life!

Running around outside barefoot, riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing in the creek and running through the woods...I had no cares, no worries whatsoever...all I had to think about was what game I wanted to play next!

I wish I didn't have to grow up, but I will never be too "old" to act like a kid-I will always be a kid at heart! I think it's important to look at the world through a child's eyes sometimes-to find joy in the small things, to act goofy and silly and laugh until you cry.

When you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life-why not take a few minutes and be a kid again? Run around in the yard with no shoes on, do a cartwheel, fly a kite, watch cartoons, swing on a swingset as high as you can, make up a silly dance, laugh out loud, hoola hoop, blow bubbles, climb a tree, play in the sprinkler, or just lay outside in the grass on a sunny day and look at the clouds....whatever makes you feel like a kid again!

I know I can't wait to do a cartwheel outside in the grass on a beautiful, sunny day...seems like that's what I need right now! :)


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