Day 6

It is now day 6 of having no power, and once again, I'm at the library. I am getting tired of this! I really hope that by tonight we'll have power so that I can watch the Bachelor!! I'm going to be really sad if I can't watch it. : (

Last night Matt and I ate at Famous Daves, which was really good! But that is my last "bad" meal for a long time! I usually eat pretty healthy, but since December I've been a little less strict with my diet since I'm trying to sort of "bulk up" a little. I have gained almost 3 pounds!! But now I want to go back to eating healthy to get really lean for the I just feel like crap when I eat bad food a lot. Anyway, after eating we went to my grandma's house to watch the superbowl. I didn't really care about watching the game, really, but I decided to go for the Cardinals since Kurt Warner is a Christian...but they lost....

Tonight I have to work...and hopefully by the time I get home our electricity will be back on!!!


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