I Hate Winter.

So now is about the time every year when I just get SICK of this crappy weather. I am totally a summer girl; I love being warm more than anything, and I am addicted to sunshine....but I can deal with the cold for a couple of months. After that, though, I just start getting stir crazy or something...or I have that Seasonal Affective Disorder!? Like yesterday, I just felt depressed all day! And for me, that is very rare-I'm always happy and in a good mood. But I think I just need some SUN, and I would feel all better!! Thankfully, today was much warmer(still not warm enough for me) and sunny, so I got to feel the sun on my face for a little while...it was great. : )

This is when I really start wishing that I lived in Florida. I've been wanting to live in Florida for years now, but my husband and I thought we would live here for a few more years and then move there. Recently, we thought that we were possibly going to have to move down to Tampa for my husband's job...but we're still unsure about that....we have our house up for sale, but it will probably take a while to sell it with the way the market is now. We've been thinking of just moving down there even if we don't have to...houses are really cheap now so it'd be a good time to buy-I've already found one I really like! Sometimes I really think I just want to pack up and move down there as soon as we can,but then again, I'm torn, because I start thinking about leaving my family...I would feel bad leaving my little brother here and my sister....I feel like I need to be here for them.

Well, last night I had a dream about this ex boyfriend of mine-I have dreams about him a LOT. It's like he still haunts me after all these years....He was my longest relationship before I met my husband, and I guess my first true love....I guess you never forget your first love! Plus, me and him never really had any "closure"-it kind of ended abrubtly because he moved away. Maybe that's why I still have dreams about him. It took me years to get over him. Pretty much until I met Matt. I compared every guy to him, and thought I'd never find someone better! But I did! I found someone much much much better, and I am sooo thankful. My husband really is my soulmate. He is everything to me! He's the one I waited for and prayed everynight for! And God answered my prayers-he sent me a good, Christian guy, who's HOT, and funny, and outgoing, and athletic-everything I wanted in a guy and more! He makes me happy. : )


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