Didn't do much today-trained a few people at the gym this morning...then worked out myself(legs)...then went to the tanning bed....

Had a good leg workout today! For some reason, I just felt really motivated and strong! Usually I dread leg day-legs are the only muscle I hate training...but what I need to work on the most! I love it when I'm done with legs and can hardly stand afterwards, and my legs feel like they're huge because of the pump! It's a great feeling. : )

I did some leg presses first-190 lbs for 12 reps! That's the most I've done with 190. Like I said, I felt strong today! Then did some smith squats with 110 lbs plus the bar??(I hate Smith machine squats, but the squat rack was being used----and the guys on it weren't even doing as much weight as I was doing-lol). Then I did some single leg presses with 80 on each leg...which were hard!! I know my butt will be sore tomorrow!

Then did some single leg lunges with 60 lbs(my legs already felt dead by then!)...then some stiff leg deadlifts with 70lbs...then lying leg curls...and leg extensions. I could barely walk outta the gym, but that's a good thing!

Well, there's my leg day workout for ya-sure you were dieing to know! hehe ; )


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