Sunshine, please.

I'm having sun withdrawals, I think. I desperately need some sunshine and warm weather.....Really baaaad....Feeling kind of down with everything that's been going on....

Just found out today that we can't rent out the condo we have anymore, so it looks like we'll be moving back there-right back where we started. But I guess everything happens for a reason, and I know that everything will be okay. I can't see the big picture, so I just have to be patient and let things happen the way God wants them to happen....

Just so much has happened in the past few months. 2009 started out pretty crappy-a few days before the new year we found out that Matt's contract with the WWE wasn't going to be renewed. They said that they would maybe try to find something else for him to do with the company...but I don't think they really care. Would've been nice to have a few months notice that he'd lose his job,though...

Sooo my husband had to drop out of school when he only had one semester left to finish. Then we decided to put our house up for sale, rent out our condo and our house to cover those payments, and live with a friend...but now that's all changed since we can't rent out our condo.

On top of that, my husband has been battling brain cancer for the past 3 years. His brain tumor was found in 2005, and he had it removed in 2007. Since then, he did radiation treatments for a few months and is now taking chemotherapy treatments....he's doing sooo great, and I'm so thankful that he is alive and healthy-we are so fortunate. I just wish that he didn't have to deal with all of this extra stress at this time in his life-he doesn't deserve it...but I guess that's life-no one is exempt from trials and tribulations.

My husband is the best, most caring guy ever, and he loves God so much. What hurts me most is seeing him have to go through this. I'm just so glad we have each other to strengthen and encourage one another. As long as I have him and God, we'll be okay!


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