Don't Get Comfortable

The past two days have been soo beautiful! 75 degrees and sunny-you can't get any better than that! I feel like my mood completely changes when it's nice out! I feel so much happier and more energized.

We took Asher over to my mom's on Tuesday-he has so much fun there running through the woods and getting in the creek! Took a few pics of me having fun hanging from trees and doing cartwheels-I'm such a kid! : )

Today, unfortunately, is not as warm(in the 50s), but it's still sunny, so I can't complain. Weather here is crazy. I wish it would just get warm and stay warm! Not too much longer I hope! Summer will be here soon....

So anyway, the past couple days when I've been driving to work in the morning, I've been thinking about our old house and how much I loved it and am going to miss it! I'm trying not to think about it that much and to be content because it's just a house...but the past couple of days, it just seems to pop into my head and make me kinda sad. I really thought that it was the house of my dreams and that we'd be there for a long time......then everything changed.

I guess maybe I was just too comfortable. I try not to ever take anything for granted, and I feel like I didn't take having that house for granted. I felt so blessed to have what I had and thanked God for it everyday. I felt like God was rewarding me for living my life for him .....

But as I was thinking this the other day while driving to work, and having a little pity party for myself...I kinda felt like God said to me, 'you were living too much for yourself.' I really didn't think that I was...I thought I was a good Christian...I was tithing every week at church...sponsoring a child in Columbia....trying to live right....

But even though I was doing those things, I still would sometimes forget to read the bible for a week...or not find the time to set aside to pray-not even ten minutes......but I sure could always make sure I had an hour to go to the gym or to play around on the computer or to read a mystery novel.

Yeah, I was tithing and sponsoring a child, but what if instead of eating out once a week, I took that money and sponsored another child? Or even a third child? So maybe I wouldn't be able to eat out every weekend...but those kids don't even have enough food to last them a day...I could surely sacrifice one meal at a restaurant.

So I guess one thing I've learned through this situation is to never get too comfortable. Never think you are "good enough." Never think that you aren't selfish. We can always do more for God. We are never going to be able to do enough! There is a whole world out there that needs to know about Jesus...a whole world out there full of people who are struggling to make it...who don't have food or shoes or clothes or a home....we need to be doing what we can do help in some way, instead of being so focused on ourselves. We are all guilty of that.

I am thankful to be going through this situation right now, because I know that God is teaching me something, and I will be a better person because of it.

I want to give more to Him, because He gave His whole LIFE for me!


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