I hate my legs.

I hate leg day!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, I just feel so drained and worn out after a leg workout....I feel like I need to take a nap.

Plus, I threw in some shoulders along with legs and supersetted legs/shoulders. That really kept my heart rate up....my endurance is horrible! I guess that could be because I never do cardio!!

I'm scared of losing muscle if I do cardio, and if I can stay lean without it, why should I do it? lol.
I know it's good for my heart...but right now my goal is to BUILD as much muscle as possible, and that is really hard for me-so no cardio for now! My knees have been hurting me lately, which sucks. Probably from all these years of doing heavy squats. But I gotta do it if I want those quads and glutes bigger!!!

ANYWAY....I'm just writing cuz I'm really bored right now. Had a couple of clients cancel today, so now I don't have to go in 'til 7 tonight for one appointment. Just did some laundry, now I'm playing around on the computer...I think I'm going to go eat something, then go to the library and check out a bunch of books! I haven't been reading lately and I'm going crazy! I looove to read.

I cannot wait for summer to get here, and to get moved into our condo!(only a couple more weeks!) This week is supposed to have a couple of warm days-yay! I hope it will be here to stay soon....


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