I hate that Matt has a job! Not really, but I do hate it that he works a lot now and I don't get to see him as much! It's boring and lonely in the house without him!

Actually, I do have stuff I could be doing right now...but I'm waiting for my hair to dry.(Every now and then I try to let it air dry so I'm not constantly frying it!! Takes so long, though.)

I need to go pick up some dog food for Asher today, do laundry, go to Vitamin World to get some protein...then I work from 4-7...then I'll probably work out after that since Matt won't be home until 10:30 or so.

Everything is almost finished with the condo! We painted our bedroom over the weekend, and all the decorating is finished! So now it feels like home. Next thing to do is put up a fence so we won't have to take Asher outside 50 times a day to "potty"!


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