Wanna get toned?

The most common goal of women when it comes to working out is to get "toned" or to get "definition". I hear it ALL the time, as a personal trainer. I also hear right after that, 'but I don't wanna get bulky'. I'm going to scream next time I hear that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most women have NO proper understanding of what it means to get "toned". I see them on the machines or with their little 5 lb dumbbells, repping it out, not looking focused at all and actually looking bored! They do this for months, or even years, and they never look any different! If you are one of those women, stop-because it will not get you results.

You wanna get toned? Lift heavier. It should be hard! They ONLY way to get toned is by building muscle and losing body fat. You build muscle by lifting weights, and you lose fat through cardio and diet. It's that simple!!

You won't get results if you're stuck in the 12-15 repetition zone. That repitition range is really working on muscular endurance more than muscle building. So you will probably maintain the muscle you have, but not grow much more, which means that you won't really get the "defined" look you want-unless you are just naturally really muscular. Start lifting more like a man, and you will slowly but surely transform your body!

And you will NOT, I repeat, will NOT get bulky!! The good think about building muscle is that once you get the size and definition that you want, all you have to do is stop training as hard and just maintain where you are at.

I lift heavy and this is what I look like-flexing, that is (you will always look a lot bigger when you flex). I'm still working on building more muscle-trust me, it is hard! Most people tell me that I'm lean and toned- and I didn't get this way by lifting light weights and doing tons of cardio!!

Take control, stop being scared, and start really LIFTING! If you don't start seeing good results in a few months, then you can go back to your little dumbbells-but I really doubt that you'll get results that way, either. So you might as well train hard-it's a better way to get stronger and to build your bone density, which is extremely important! If you're satisfied with where you're at now-fine, but if not, take my advice and see what happens!!


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