“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”
~Patricia Neal

I love and HATE leg day at the same time! I love it because I love to see how much I can lift...but I hate the pain! Actually, I can't say that-I love the pain, too! There is nothing harder than doing heavy squats-nothing! That's why not many people in the gym do them!

Today I did my last two sets of squats with 175 lbs! My husband was spotting me a little, but I got 6 reps! 8 more lbs and I'll be squatting 1.5 times my body weight! Today I did 320 on my last set of leg press(narrow stance) and got 15 reps! I wasn't going for that many, but I made myself push through the pain. So now I know I can do a lot more weight on the leg press than I've been doing!

I sure hope my legs will grow!!!!!! I have the skinniest legs, as you can see in this pic. If I gain weight it all goes to my stomach, so putting on weight is not going to make my legs bigger. Tried it. I'm just shaped like a boy. :(
A lot of times I think that I will never grow and that I'm always going to have skinny chicken legs...but I can't let myself think like that! I found the above quote on a website and thought that it applied to me. I have to have a positive attitude! I WILL get bigger legs!


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