I'm the type of person who likes to set goals for myself. Most of those goals have to do with pushing myself physically in some way. I LOVE to challenge myself and push myself to get stronger...guess that's why I love lifting so much!

I've had the goal of doing 10 pullups for a while now...probably for about a year and a half...and I'm almost there! I started out only being able to do sets of 2 or 3...then I was able to do 5 consistently...then I started doing sets of 6....then the other day I had my husband tape me doing my first set of pullups on back day, and I got 8 reps! Yay! That's the most I've gotten so far and I'm pretty proud!

Only 2 more to go! Then next on the list is 1 arm pushups and handstand pushups!


  1. I have recently set some goals. I need to get in better shape for health reasons and so I can have more energy for my son. I want to start eating better. I WAS doing good but then started eating all the wrong foods, again. Please pray I will be able to overcome temptations such as sleeping in during exercise class and choosing unhealthy foods over healthy foods. Thank you. You inspire me!

  2. Thanks! It's hard sometimes, but it should get easier once you make it into a habit, and you know that you are doing it for your health! Starting over is always the hardest part! But you can do it! :)


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