Need A JOB!

So it's Monday....I really hate Mondays-who doesn't??? But it's not because it's the start of the work week, because I don't have a full time job...and my job is not even really like a job to me!

But I hate Mondays because they are SUPER boring.

Matt has school in the mornings, then works 2-10 on Mondays. :( So I'm here all alone ALL day with nothing to do! I had a couple of clients to train this morning, then I have one more this evening. I'm about to take a nap...guess that will pass some time. Already went to pick up a few things at the grocery...then I'll probably read for a few hours....maybe find something to clean(I need to dust-ugh)...then take Asher for a walk when it gets a little cooler...then I guess watch some TV and wait for Matt to get home!

That's why I need another job because I get depressed when I'm here all day by myself sometimes! Well, it's usually just a Monday thing. I don't really have close friends anymore to hang out's hard for me to make new friends. I don't open up to people very easily, and I feel like I don't have things in common with anyone. :( I'm just weird, I guess. Most people are at work during the day anyway!

But I have no clue where I could get a job...I really love personal training, so I want to continue doing that-I guess I could try to find another gym to work at. I need to make more money!! 10 hours a week is just not cuttin' it!! It really sucks... I want another job, but I also want to be selective with the days and times that I work, and I don't know what type of job will let me do that! Sigh...I dunnooooooo


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