Stupidest Things in the Gym

Since I work at a gym, I see people doing the dumbest things. Sometimes it makes me laugh, and sometimes I just shake my head...but I guess some people just really don't know what they're doing, so I can't really blame them!

I hate the guys that walk around with weight belts on for EVERY exercise-that is absolutely not needed. Or the ones that try to lift super heavy, but are only doing partial reps with HORRIBLE form. Or the women who never lift more than 5 pounds!

But the thing I absolutely cannot stand in the gym are the women who do only two exercises-the inner and outer thigh machine, and some type of abdominal machine. This just drives me CRAZY.

Those are pretty much the 2 most pointless exercises to do. Most women do those exercises because those are the areas they want to shrink or "tone". But actually, those exercises are not doing that at all! The inner and outer thigh machine is NOT going to give you smaller thighs, and you're not burning many calories doing it, either. It's just a waste of time. Most ab machines are the same way-I especially hate the rotary torso machine. It will NOT get rid of your love handles!

Instead of doing those exercises, you are better off doing some intense interval training to blast fat and some basic weight training exercises, such as squats, lunges, and overhead presses. Those exercises will work the core while at the same time burning many more calories than the inner thigh and abdominal machines!


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