Summer Fun

This past weekend was long and fun-filled! Friday my husband and I went to a Louisville Bats game. My favorite part was eating a hot dog a nachos!(It was allowed-my "treat" for the week! ). They were both sooo yummy! We had a heat advisory that day-heat index was around 100 degrees! It was HOT and very humid. But we gotta get used to it-summers here are like that!

Saturday my family had a cookout/graduation party for 2 of my cousins. Gotta love hotdogs and potato salad! It was another hot and humid day! But we had lots of fun playing volley ball and cornhole! I love family cookouts!

Sunday we didn't go to church, although I wish we had! (We rarely skip church, but we were exhausted!) So we spent the day cleaning and working on Matt's homework, then did some grocery shopping.

Now it's boring ol' Monday again.... I had to get up early to train some clients, so I think I'm going to take me a nap...I am sleeeeepy! Then I gotta go back to work this evening to train someone else. Then it's the same thing all over again tomorrow!

I wish the sun was out so I could lay out, but it's been cloudy and stormy all morning...

Some pics from the weekend:


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