Gotta Love the State Fair!

So yesterday Matt and I went to the State Fair, and of course, we decided to make it our "treat day" so we could eat some good ol' fair food! Well, after taking about 20 minutes to decide what to get(there were so many choices! nachos? cheeseburger? pizza? chicken fingers? hotdog???), I finally chose fried chicken with fries, coleslaw and a FRIED biscuit!

I was starving, and it was absolutely delicious while I was eating it(especially the biscuit!!!), but then of course right after I stuffed my face, I felt pretty bad. Not bad about eating it, but just physically-my stomach was hating me. It's just not used to all that fat and grease! Ugh...I still feel a little queasy this morning. I am NOT having another treat meal for at least a couple of weeks!

Then later I got a pina colada(virgin, of course), since it's pretty much a tradition to get one every year, and it was sooooo good. Mmmmm....I loved it.

So this morning I did a little bit of uphill walking and some sprint intervals to try to work off maybe just tiny bit of all the calories I consumed yesterday, and to try to undo some of the damage of all the TRANS fat on my arteries! Ew, I can't even think about the crap that I put into my body yesterday....gross gross gross. And the pleasure only lasted a few minutes.....

But, I'm sure I'll do the same exact thing next year!


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