Lovin' Fall Weather

After a week of rain, clouds, and dreariness, today we are having wonderful wonderful fall weather! Sunny, clear blue skies and 70! Pretty much perfect. Any colder is TOO cold for me. (Which it is gonna be tomorrow-in the mid 60s!!!! omg.)

Just been laying in the sun today(soaking up some rays before winter comes!). Later I have a client to train, then it's off to help with bootcamp. I'm still nervous doing the bootcamps! UGH. I hate it that I am such a nervous person in new situations!!! I guess it'll get better with time.


  1. HEY LYNZ!
    Hope you're rocking the bootcamps!
    Hey, try this (I teach 4 bootcamps a week, and even after YEARS! I still sometimes get butterflies before a BIG class)
    Soooo, Try doing CARDIO like some HITT before hand. Then, you'll be so jazzed up you don't get nervous! And, choose some music that you're familar with and helps you feel at ease. Also, just remember, they come to workout, not to pass judgement!! So, GIVE 'EM A GREAT CLASS!!!!!! :) :) :)
    You got it girl!

  2. Thanks! I will definitely have to try that! Right now I'm just helping out, not leading my own class--but I will be in a few weeks! I think it's going to be a 6 a.m. class-so I don't know if I can make myself get up even earlier to do cardio before! :(
    Thanks so much for the encouragement!!


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