Family Traditions!

This weekend we went to Stumler's Applefest and Hubers, our annual family tradition! It was a pretty nice day for it, although it was a little chilly when the sun was behind the clouds.

I love spending time with my family, especially after my dad passed away. I feel like I missed a lot of times with him because I was working or something else...and I'll never get those times back. I have learned never to take anyone for granted because you never know when someone may not be there at the next family tradition. :(

We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so we have to cherish every moment! Find joy in the simple things, like riding the wagon to the pumpkin patch with your family! Those are the times you will miss and look back on some day....

On the way to the pumpkin patch with my family-we took up the whole wagon!
Me with my brother, Jesse

My husband and I


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